Zion Williamson Leaning Away from Kentucky?

Kentucky fans have been excited over the last couple of weeks over the possibility of Immanuel Quickley and Zion Williamson being the package deal of 2018.

It sounds like half the package could be sent to the wrong recipient.

“We’re not a package deal,” Williamson said. “We have definitely talked about playing together in college and I want to play with him, but it’s gotta be an individual decision. He’s a great player so it makes sense and some of the schools he’s looking at are recruiting me too.

“I definitely want to be in a situation where I’m playing with players that are getting me better every day by pushing me and vice versa. He knows I have to do what’s best for me in the end and he does too. That’s why we’re not saying it’s a legit package deal.”


There has also been some movement in his 24/7 Crystal Ball predictions as a couple of recruiting analysts now think Williamson will go to Kansas.

Kansas recently offered Zion’s AAU point guard Dontarius James so maybe that is why he is backing off the package deal talk with Quickley.

The good thing is this recruitment is likely a marathon so John Calipari definitely has time to work his magic.

Watch Williamson’s most recent highlight tape:

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