Writer Says Louisville Needs to Fire “Clueless” Rick Pitino

Jenny Dial Creech of the Houston Chronicle says firing “clueless” Rick Pitino is the right move for the University of Louisville.

Check out her thoughts on Pitino:

Rather than accept the penalties, Pitino (with support from the school’s athletic department apparently) was defiant in his response.

He said Louisville would appeal, called the punishment unjust and unfair.

Pitino is so clueless, it’s scary.

He allowed a form of sexual assault to take place under his watch. He put high school boys in compromising positions, where they were at sex parties with their peers watching and judging.

With the way society judges young men on masculinity, it’s likely that even if the teen-aged boys involved didn’t want to have sex, they probably felt pressure to.

If I were a parent of one of those players, I would be losing my mind.

Pitino says he knew nothing of the parties, claiming that at 64 years old, he doesn’t stay up that late.

If he can’t stay up late enough to have complete control over what is happening in his program, he shouldn’t be coaching. It’s that simple.

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