WKU Football Players Under Investigation Following Masked Attack at Fraternity House

Several Western Kentucky University football players are under investigation after they allegedly rolled into a fraternity house with masks on and attacked several people.

According to the TMZ report, one of the football players warned the fraternity on social media that payback was coming. That’s always a great plan when committing a crime.

Here’s an excerpt:

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, an alumni member of the Pike house was initially called to the scene by a current member who told him “several football players were outside” looking to fight.

The alum says he confronted the men to get them to leave — but instead, one of the guys tackled him into a fence and began beating him. A Pike member says he tried to break things up and was also attacked. The alum says he went to the E.R. for his injuries.

Cops were then called … and tracked down one of the football players who admitted he and his teammates went to the Pike house to retaliate after someone got jumped at a Pike party the night before.

Cops say one of the victims claims several of the suspects were carrying guns. At least one suspect allegedly had a box cutter knife.

And get this … cops say they found evidence on social media that one of the football sent the Pikes a warning that they were coming to attack.

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