Wildcat Captions #5 – Plane Ride to SEC Media Days

What time is it? It’s time for Wildcat Captions #5!

Leave your comments as to what you think each person is saying in the photo. Once we have enough entries, then we will select the winner.

Here’s a screencap from ESPN’s “All Access Kentucky”. What do you think Calipari and Mathew Mitchell are talking about on the plane headed to SEC Media Days?

Calipari and Mathew Mitchell talking on the plane headed to SEC Media Days.

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  1. Mitchell “I saw you do the John Wall dance after Nerlens Noel committed to us.” Callipari “….. “

  2. Mitch: “…and we’ve been friends for a really long time …”

    Coach Cal: …Sigh…”not more excuses to keep Joker another year, please Mitch”

  3. Mitch: what’s that I smell?
    Coach Cal: Dunno. Must be Bobby Knight. How’d he aboard?

  4. Mitchell: Maybe what this country really needs to turn it around is us! Calipari/Mitchell 2012. We can take this nation & make it one Big Blue Nation under god! I can be your wingman! In the words of Barney “it’ll be legend…wait for it…dary!”
    Calipari: (thinking to himself) He finally took the bait, but now he is going to think that this was his idea!

  5. Mitchell – “Coach, I think Big Blue Madness would have been better if you would have come out ‘Gangman Style’.”
    Calipari – (thinking) – “LOL, I didn’t want to show you up.” (saying) I don’t think so.

  6. Mitchell and Cal are watching the video from Big Blue Madness…..

    Mitchell, ” Where do you keep finding these guys to come play Basketball….” Cal…..” I don’t , they find me.”

  7. Mitchell: “I got the moves like Jagger”….Calipari: “but I need Noel to have the moves like Davis”…..

  8. Mitchell: “You could always see if Bobby Knight wants the ball boy position…I heard he was available.” ….Calipari: “I’d rather lick the bottom of my shoe after stepping in a steaming pile of cow dung.”

  9. Mitchell: “Gotham called…they want you to be their new ‘Batman” “…..Calipari; “And let me guess…you’re wanting to trade in the Hammer pants for a ‘Robin’ costume”

  10. Mitchell: “You know once we get there…they are going to ask the inevitable question” ….Calipari: “after a season like last year…I guess I’ll have to finally tell them the truth…that ‘yes…I am God’ “….

  11. Cal, “This is definitely the clip to submit to the show.”
    Mitchell, “I think you are right Cal. If I submit this clip I’ll definitely be picked for Dancing with the Stars.”

  12. Mitchell-
    John, I think you could do this dance, with a little practice. Come on man what do you do with all your time?
    Coach Cal-
    Umm looks like I can make 4 of those recruits in on day and the rest on the following day… I am sorry what were you saying?

  13. Mitchell ( John I think you could beat Obama if you would have ran against him ! )

  14. Mitchell – How was my dancing this year?
    Cal – Sorry Matt, but your Michael Jackson was better.

  15. “I just can’t believe you wore those pants and did that in front of all those people. I can’t leave you alone anywhere.”

    “We’ll John every year I ask you to ‘please not let me binge drink red bull and what VH1 before big events'; but every year there I am at big blue madness dancing my little heart out, wondering ‘hmmm, where did John go?’

  16. Mitchell
    Cal where did you get them shoes at? They are fly..

    Here we go..No mitchell.. you cant use them in next years madness….
    Oh brother…

  17. Zac Brookshire

    mitchell “So your sayin he is only 5’2 …crazy”
    cal ” thats wat im sayin”

  18. Mitchell”So can I use one of your big guys to dress up like a girl for the game against Baylor to go against Baylors heshe???
    Cal…” That’s a great idea Coach…you have a great team, but that maybe the only way you can defend her or he or whatever”….

  19. Cal: I think Ale8 was crucial in winning No. 8 last year. It gave us the boost we needed
    Mitchell: I think whatever you think.

  20. Cal: My wife says I better not forget the Glad container AGAIN. Mitchell: don’t worry I’ll remind you.

  21. Cal – Now we just need a football coach who can be ranked in the top 5

    Mitchell – We have a football team?