Wildcat Captions #9 – The Stoops Presscon


UK welcomed Mark Stoops as the new head football coach. Let’s see what all our CAT Football fans have to say about him as we play… Wildcat Captions #9!!

What do you think Stoops is saying in the press conference with the Athletic Directory and University President? Caption it!

Leave your “captions” on the comments box below. Once we have enough entries, we will select the winner.

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  • Brian Hitch

    Left to right: He got a hat. I got this really cool UK hat. I didn’t get a hat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lyd.nelson Lydia Nelson

    I really hope this isn’t a one and done,

  • Fthiess

    Left to right: Shouldn’t have had that burrito. University of Kentucky Wildcats Football Rules! Why does my profile look like it should be on a quarter?