Wildcat Captions #6 – Coach Cal’s Halftime Interview

Who watched the game versus Duke last Tuesday?

For this edition of Wildcat Captions, what do you think John Calipari said on the halftime interview? He sure had something to say about Duke, tell us what you think the interviewer asked and what Cal’s answer is on this screencap.

Leave your “captions” on the comments box below. Once we have enough entries, we will select the winner.

Wildcat Captions #6 - Coach Cal's Halftime Interview

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  • http://www.facebook.com/bonnie.l.bullock Bonnie L Bullock

    Interviewer asked: “How you gonna handle this pUKe dUKe team come 2nd half”? Cal said “If they keep flopping and dropping, it’s gonna be a challenge at stopping ‘em”! “We cant beat the ref’s too! But I still say GO BIG BLUE!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/DirtysGirl Jennifer Hudson

    “You get fined for that in the NBA!!!”

    • http://www.facebook.com/DirtysGirl Jennifer Hudson

      Coach Cals response regarding all the flopping by Dukes players. He may get fined for his comment. Totally unfair!

  • Manish Bhatia

    Andy: What did you observe from the first half of the game
    Calipari: Well, I was right, we do not poop ice cream. We got work to do.

  • disqus_nsAYBGcXc6

    When asked what he thought of the first half part of his comments where “there were at least 5 times they flopped and we didn’t get the call, but we are fine”

  • Michael Papaw Brand

    Anthony: Flopping John ?? Cal: Yes flopping d_ _ it, they were flipping and flopping like fish on land. Where’s the justice? Our next practice will be on flopping and come March we will be the FBBN !

  • deWildcats

    What do you think of the flops?
    Oscar winning flops, Dukies are legendary floppers.

  • http://twitter.com/rta1401 ryan adams

    So that’s a real point gaurd

  • Brandon Feller

    “How are you going to transition for the Blue Devils in the second half?”

    Cal: “Well obviously they think they’re big shots….. but they can’t be blue devils because UK BLUE is the only kind of BLUE there is!”

  • ian

    Andy-nice shoes Cal
    Cal-they’re flip flops

  • Allen Dale Baker

    Seth,ssay’s, Coach seems your team has got into a bit of foul trouble? Cal responds” If If this was NBA, there would be several suspensions, for as many flop fouls they had”!

    • http://www.teamjacal.com Anthony Vicars

      You win Allen.. something about the “flip flops” that got me. Email me at anthony@nationofblue.com and we’ll get you set up for your prize. Thanks!

  • Mike B

    Andy- What do you think of the way the Duke players played?
    Cal- One thing for sure, they won’t flop to the NBA!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikechas502 Michael Chasteen

    Cal- Eh, You talkin to me?
    Andy- Ha, I love your Robert De Niro impersonation

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