Wildcat Captions #3 – The Harrison Twins


We know you missed playing Wildcat Captions… It’s back!

Leave your comments as to what you think each person is saying in the photo. Once we have enough entries, then we will select the winner.

This week, with the recent addition of Aaron and Andrew to the 2013 class and coming to visit UK at Big Blue Madness, we wonder what sort of stuff do the Harrison twins talk about. Go Cats!

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  • scott martin

    Aaron ” looks like we are bringing number 10 to KY’
    Andrew “Yea Big Blue Fans are the greatest.”

    Go big Blue

    • Curtis Puckett

      Aaron ” Well bro, we made it. Best college basketball program in the country!”

      Andrew ” Yes we did. I told you we look good in blue and white!”

    • Ed Hayden

      Aaron; Waaaaaaasuuuuppp?

      Andrew; Waaaaaasuuuuppp?

  • Amy

    Aaron ” Hey man what was it the coach was telling us earlier?”

    Andrew ” Heck man I don’t know, I am so pumped up for this upcoming season, I just can’t stand it. ” Go Big Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue Hill

    Aaron ~ “I like the white uniforms.”
    Andrew ~ “I like the blue uniforms.”

  • Anthony

    you + me + UK = national champions again

  • Jason Drenon

    “You know we’re not really staying four years, right?” “Yeah, I know.”

  • jodie sharp

    Aaron ” wonder twin powers activate!”
    Andrew ” form of a wildcat!!”

  • Karen Miller

    Aaron” I think I look the best in Ky Blue”
    Andrew ” No, pretty sure I look the best in Ky Blue”

  • brittany lukat

    Aaron: man what did we get our selfs into?
    Andrew: This IS Big Blue Nation Bro! The Fans Are Crazy And the BEST!!!
    BBN ALL THE WAY!!!! GO CATS GO!!! :)

  • Floyd Gibson

    Wonder Twin powers…ACTIVATE!

    • Karen C

      LOVE IT!!!

    • http://www.teamjacal.com Anthony Vicars

      Hey Floyd! You’re last weeks winner. Please email me at anthony@nationofblue.com Thanks!

  • Carrie

    Aaron – 4 years bro

    Andrew – = 4 National Champions

  • eddie lampton

    Rick pinto was right he is god.

  • Felicia Ratliff

    Do you think they’re ready?
    Oh yeah, they’re ready!! Lets bring home #9!!

  • Aj Hoover

    Arron- Hey bro you sure were going stay for year for 4 years
    Andrew- Nahhhh

  • eric tipton

    Aaron “don’t you just love the wildcats”
    Andrew ” no I’m in love with them :-)”

  • Gerald dempster

    Aaron: we gotta grow our eyebrows out!

    Andrew: or we could just get flat tops!!?

  • Karen C

    Aaron: We have made the best choice of our lifes bro!!!
    Andrew: You can say that again…the BIG BLUE Nation is the bomb!!!

  • Jeremy Kemble

    Aaron – Bro, there’s already been a Bow To The Brow, and Fear The Flat -Top, we don’t have a saying.

    Andrew – Dude there’s two of us, we’re Double The Trouble.

  • Kentucky Ted

    Aaron- bruh I told you I got the bottom bunk
    Andrew- dude does the Wildcat Lodge even have bunk beds?

  • Andrew

    Aaron: Do they seriously think were going to Maryland or SMU?!
    Andrew: I know I mean come on, how many championships have they won in the last decade and how many NBA players have they had drafted including two number 1 picks?!

  • J

    “didn’t UK have brothers a few years ago?” “Nope, Cousins”

  • Timothy Thomas

    Aaron; You sure UK is the right place for us?

    Andrew; All I know is that this is the best way to get into the NBA

  • TItus LeMaster

    Aaron: This is crazy.

    Andrew: Yeah, I like it.

  • Eddie Hinton

    Aaron: Bet I get drafted before you!!

    Andrew: No way bro!!!

  • Kevin b

    aaron-i bet im the oldest. Andrew-i bet I go higher in the draft.

  • Tammy Burnett

    Can’t wait to post up in Lexington…. I know right I can’t wait to get in those shoes and give coach another banner to hang.

  • Allen

    Aaron Coach Cal want a perfect season Andrew yeah we got this

  • Bart

    Twin 1: Hey bro, I’m a wildcat.
    Twin 2: I know you are, but what am I?

  • Angie Cowan

    Aaron- Man, Coach Cal wasnt kidding. These are some crazy CAT fans! You ready to be part of #10?
    Andrew – Lets do this thing!

  • vfryman

    Aaron: UK will have Draft Pick 1 & 2 Again
    Andrew: 40 & 0, and away we Go! BIg Blue

  • Georgia Cowan

    Whatcha think about KY?

    That’s where I want to be.

  • Gay Simmons

    Aaron “Bro, I am so going to be the first Harrison to score”
    Andre “No, man, you see I am going to be the first twn to beat Meeks’ record.

  • Jeremy Vittitoe

    Aaron: can you say best recruiting class ever?

    Andrew: now if wiggins and randle wanna be apart of history and take big blue nation to an undefeated season led by a freshman starting 5 they’ll be wildcats too.

  • Mitchell

    Aaron: man I hope they get the Hoosiers back on the schedule next year. Andre: hell yea bro I would love a shot at that.

  • Kevin Rapson

    1 or 2…….
    Years or championships!

  • Catfn93

    Is this Heaven? Yes!!!

  • Paula

    Aaron: Are you gona be mad when I go #1 draft pick?
    Andrew: No man, cause the rule is twins share everything! Go Big Blue!

  • Tim Bartlett

    Aaron: There is a GOD

    Andrew: I know in BIG BLUE NATION!!!

  • Tyler Price

    “When we get to Kentucky I got top bunk!!”
    ” you have to beat me in a game of 1 on 1 first”

  • tj

    Aaron: Do you think we can win a championship in one year?

    Andrew: Piece of cake!!

  • mark lambert

    Easiest and best decision we’ve ever made. Yea man, if all lifes major decisions are this easy, weve got it made in the shade.

  • Jules M

    Aaron: “Bro, Coach Cal says he wants a 40-0 season before he leaves UK.”

    Andrew: “Hope his retirement is bigger than Obama’s then, too, cuz after we get it done next season, he can chuck deuces if he wants!”

  • Dorothy Robinson

    Aaron: I can’t wait……
    Andrew: to get there………

  • JUDY L.


  • http://Facebook Joy B

    Aaron: BLUE
    Andrew: WHITE

  • Jake V

    Aaron: You think the got sexy ladies down in Lexington?
    Andrew: They have to i mean have you seen Ashley Judd… Dibbs

  • http://BBN Phillyukfan

    Twin#1. Duke
    Twin#2. Sucks

    • Michael

      Love it! Brief, concise, no wasted words, and most important, it’s so true! And what’s so great about this. . . our twins know it’s the truth!!!


    Aaron: ” to opponents …………………………”
    Andrew: “we shall become……………………”
    Aaron “the unstoppable……………………”
    Andrew: “the unbeatable……………………”
    Aaron: “the relentlessly……………………”
    Andrew: ” HARRASSIING TWINS”…………….”
    Aaron: “Dogging their …………………………”
    Andrew “every step…………………………………”
    Aaron ” taking no prisoners…………………………”
    Andrew: “showing no mercy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
    Aaron: “bringing yet another……………”
    Andrew: “championship banner…………..”
    Aaron: “to this CRAZY-GREAT UNIVERSITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • J. Joslin

    Aaron “Man! Did you just let a fart? Really Bro!”
    Andrew “Nah bro, that was my shoe sqeaking on the floor.”
    Sorry, but that was the first thing that come to mind…lol.
    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  • Tanya Jo

    Aaron: Can’t wait to teach em about KY
    Andrew: They have alot to learn :)

  • R Warren

    Aaron: “#9?”
    Andrew: “Yes, #9!”

  • Jim C

    Aaron: Dribble. Andrew: Drive

  • kyle



  • Peggy

    Aaron: Do you think Coach Cal will ever be able to tell us apart?

    Andrew:Maybe if we stay for the 2nd year

  • scott

    Aaron: Like a good neighbor State Farm is their

    Andrew: With a number 1 and 2 draft pic for us.

  • greg

    Aaron: Dang son look at that blonde

    Andrew: Yea she’s hot…

  • BigBlueJohnny

    Aaron: U.
    Andrew: K.

  • Big Blue Johnny

    Aaron (left?): I thought we were going to Maryland?
    Andrew: Yeah, we were, but I changed our mind.

  • Abram Swiger

    Aaron says Andrew bro just look at the hype we are getting for something we knew like forever ago were going to rock this big blue nation

  • jason morris

    Aaron: 4 years man? Really?

    Andrew: Dude, thats what mom told me to say.”

    Mutual chuckling and rolling of the eyes..

  • mark charron

    aaron: ‘you think we will ever meet the twin towers?
    andrew if im meeting other twins, its the barnstable twins~!

  • Bert Lawson

    Arron: Do you think I will be the best Guard to ever play at Kentucky?

    Andrew: Not if I have anything to say about it !

  • Rodney

    Arron: YOU THINKING # 9

  • JD Newberry

    Aaron: “Harrison squared”
    Andrew: “National Championship to the tenth power”

  • kim

    Aaron: You wanna dribble? or drive? Andrew:I wanna be number #1

  • Gil Searcy

    You call Wiggins.
    I’ll call Randle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.reich.5 Joe Reich

    im the slasher your the shooter togather were bringing another banner to big blue nation