Wichita State Locker Room Quotes

Here’s what the Wichita State Shockers had to say as they prepare for their match up with the Kentucky Wildcats on Sunday.

#24 Shaquille Morris

“Do you see your limited playing time yesterday as a benefit as you prepare for the game tomorrow?”

“Yes. At the mite I didn’t see the benefit, but I am well-rested and my body feels good. I would have liked to have played more minutes, but foul trouble got in he way. It was a blessing in disguise.”

“What have you noticed about Kentucky in your scouting report and what will your assignment be?”

“Kentucky is a great team, obviously, but we just want to come out with the same mindset as we always do and really defend them well.”

“This is going to be the first game in which you are not favored…is that nice playing the underdog role?”

“We always view ourselves as the underdog, no matter what. That’s just a normal situation for us. We just want to go out and execute and not worry about any underdog label.”

“Coach Marshall said you play well in black (uniforms). Would you agree with that?”

“We always play good in black. It’s a road warrior type of mantra that we’ve carried into this tournament.”

#32 Markis McDuffie

“What are you looking for in your match ups specifically?”

“I’m looking for a great match up. I’ve got to play one of my best defensive games I’ve played all year. I’ve waited for moments like this.”

“What Kentucky players stand out to you that you might have to defend?”

“Definitely Briscoe. I’ve guarded him in high school. We played against each other in the state championships two times and he won those. Hopefully I can overcome him tomorrow. It’s going to be a great game and a great match up.”

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