Who is Coach Cal’s lookalike?


Does Coach Cal have a look-a-like? Lost Lettermen came out with an entertaining piece recently pointing out the resemblance of specific coaches to other famous fictional or real people. Calipari wasn’t included but… who do you think looks like him?

Here are some of the noteworthy look-alikes mentioned:


Take off a dozen years from Pacino’s face and there’s a striking resemblance between the two.

With his snappy suits, confident demeanor and 600-plus wins, Pitino cuts an impressive figure on the sidelines that has made him an icon of the coaching profession.


Yet there are similarities beyond physical ones between Indiana’s coach and the eccentric character Rainn Wilson portrays on “The Office.” Both have proven very capable at their chosen professions, yet there’s something a little off about each of them.


As for appearances, there is a hangdog look to Williams whenever his Tar Heels aren’t performing well.

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