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  • orlandomike

    What he is saying is you have the physical specimens but they aren’t coached well.

    • Kyle Smith

      So what y’all are saying is it’s okay to lose long as we lose with all the players

  • http://www.ElvisCollector.info/ Jeff Schrembs

    I posted this hours before tip-off and EVERYTHING I said could happen DID happen. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result. This sentence clearly defines this season and, by the way, if you were a young recruit what would you think about UK sending, over 2 years, 5-8 players in the pros, but; got beat in the 1st round of the NIT and then lost in the 1st or 2nd round in the NCAA (which UK will do unless they play other players)? If I was another coach all I would be saying would be “do you want to go to a college where you are not the star, where you get hyped to preseason #1 and then you fall apart, that your fellow teammates can’t defend/pass/, and that you would leave College watching other College teams battle for the NCAA Championship after UK exited 3-4 rounds earlier?
    UK at Florida March 8, 2014.
    Attention all UK players, coaches, assistant (by the way it SOUNDS like the word has “sit” in it doesn’t mean literally so quit sitting down all game with your heads down like mimes or being on your phone all game and by the way I have DVR of each game this season and at last count Strickland was up to 31 on the “camera looked my way and I was looking at my phone….AAAAAAAGGGGGG) now it gets real.

    Florida, and Donovan, have a special hatred for UK. They want nothing more than to destroy you on national TV (and in the SEC tourney if you get to play them). They want to expose all of your weaknesses back to your days in the crib. They want UK fans to walk out after the 3rd quarter. They want to physically beat you – mentally beat you – and use your head to stabilize dunk and dunk after dunk. I have read many of their board posts and they say that Alex is weak and should be part of the actualy baseline for that’s where he stands – they say that Randle panics when pressured – that Young can’t shoot and their ball boy would score over Young in the game – that they are HAPPY that Lee and Willis don’t play – that the Harrisons will fold and is mentally soft as soft serve ice cream – that if Willie doesn’t get going within the first 3 minutes that his game is over – that UK never deserved to be ranked # 1 and they despise you.

    Well, in spite of this and the terrible performances (including the coaches) UK fans believe in you. You were all stars in High School for a reason. Every player in front of you, on the court during games, is all you have to beat. On both ends. On every play. You have teammates for a reason. Don’t put them in bad spots. Use this game to self reflect. If you win get back to work. Work even harder. Start to LOVE contact. For contact leads to fouls. Contact will get more and more a factor in the NCAA tournament. Even if you order a pizza have the delivery man make contact with you. Post up against a flat screen. Hug your mother then block her out. High five you friends then sky over them with a nasty look. Practice talking smack to your girlfriend (live lesson – try a few minutes at a time). Don’t get TOO up if you have the lead and don’t get TOO down if they make a run.

    SIMPLE MATH Fellas. If you start off well then you won’t have to spend the game playing catch up and then every possession won’t be a “do or die”. Take on the challenge, The game is 40 minutes. FORTY MINUTES each game to achieve excellence.

    You are here at UK. These are the best days of your life trust me. What you do now counts. It counts now and tomorrow. This is more than basketball it is how you build habits that last a lifetime.

    I want you to succeed not because it helps me. Man, I have been poor then rich and everything in between. What truly makes a man happy is doing his best. To look challenges in the eye and face them with options. Bruce Lee said it best “be like water my friend”. Meaning that water can be delicate enough not to disturb a flower but strong enough to wash aware mountains.

    To each of the UK Players….be like water and wash away the bad taste of this season. Be thirsty my friend (WOW Bruce Lee plus a TV commercial analogy – top that). Thirsty for excellence. Thirsty to leave your imprint on everyone who goes against you. If you do that it will be a springboard for you and for those you love and care about.

    Best of luck.

    Jeff Schrembs

    • Don’ttalksmacktoyourwomen

      Advice: don’t be a life coach. Everything else I was on board with.

      • http://www.ElvisCollector.info/ Jeff Schrembs

        Ouch…but point taken.