Video: Anthony Davis Captured by High Tech Motion Control Camera (Must See)


Here’s a video of Anthony Davis by Red Bull, using a “Motion Control” camera system that’s usually reserved for shooting high-speed car commercials. Amazing!



From Dime Magazine

The “Motion Control” technique means the camera is controlled down to the millimeter of movement, allowing for all of Anthony’s different actions to roll together. The machine used to capture Anthony is fittingly called the “Gazelle,” as it moves over 25 feet per second to keep up with AD through his paces on the court. Then in order to speed down Anthony’s motions on the court and see every little nuance, a Phantom Flex camera was used to capture him at 500 frames per second. The Phantom Flex camera is commonly used for high-end scientific military and ballistic camera work, recording at a higher resolution than HD and allowing fans to see more detail than every before.

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