University of Kentucky Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Mitch McConnell

randle mcconnell

randle mcconnell

The University of Kentucky has released a statement concerning Senator Mitch McConnell using footage of Julius Randle in an advertisement.

McConnell’s campaign replaced the Duke footage that was mistakenly put into an ad with the above Randle picture.

The University of Kentucky consulted with the NCAA earlier today regarding footage of Julius Randle in a Mitch McConnell advertisement. Although the use of the student-athlete’s image in the advertisement is not permissible, because it was done without the knowledge or permission of the university or the student-athlete, it is not an NCAA violation. The University of Kentucky has sent a cease and desist letter and will continue to take appropriate measures to ensure improper usage of a student-athlete’s name, image or likeness is prevented.


Mitch McConnell is definitely not gaining a lot of votes with Kentucky fans lately.

Catch up on the entire ordeal by clicking here.

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Bobby Davis

    Ditch Mitch!

  • EchoedTruth

    LOL Mitch is a moron. Wish that turtle would go away

  • Wisenheimer

    Damn, I’m gonna have to start rooting the hometeam? Way to #ditchmitch with some excellent #mcconnelling!



    • WahSupDoc

      Matt Bevin

      Libertarian/ Tea Party or re-branded Republican?!? (True Libertarians after all, don’t go after taking away other peoples rights/choices to live their lives as they see fit.)

      Anti-gays, anti-women.
      Believes it’s okay to discriminate against ‘some’ individuals and thinks
      ‘some’ individuals unworthy of individual freedoms.

      How does growing up in New Hampshire make him qualified to
      represent KYians?!?

      Would Bevin really represent public interests of KYians coming
      from a career with a hedge fund group that is incorporated in Bermuda and who paid-out millions in fines in 2004 for improper trading practices?!?

      Supports ‘naked’ Constitution void of any Amendments.

      Supports Tort reform even though medical mistakes still one
      of the leading causes of death.

      Supports repealing, & defunding ACA law rather than working
      to improve it…tell that to 200,000+ KYians that have signed up thru Kynect and have health coverage for the first time!!!!

      Anti-public education; supports private schools which is
      backdoor to limit access to education.

      Anti-clean energy; supports fossil fuel corporations &
      Wall St. special interests above public safety.
      (Hedge fund background coming out!)

      Starve-the-Beast propagandist; places priorities on spending
      & deficits regardless if basic human needs go unmet. (Sounds like mainstream Republican ideology?!?)

      Supports ‘trickle-down’, supply-side, ‘voo-doo’ economics. (Even though GOP continues to push this type economic policy reknown Republicans have actually denounced this policy!)

      Supports implementing a ‘flat tax’ system which would further increase inequality. (Wonder if he means flat tax on ‘all’ income, ie capital gains!?)

      We don’t need to elect any more puppets pushing for a corporate-state. (Lord knows income inequality is ever widening with majority of gains continuing to be re-distributed to the top.. wages have been stagnate for several decades now..and good jobs that pay descent living wages are disappearing.)

      News associated with company Bevin worked for in Louisville:

      • Bo_Kassa

        Sounds good to me!!!!!

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  • Brian

    I thought this was a site about basketball, not politics. Most of the time it’s some lain brain ad exec making the content decisions, not the candidate.

    • RRR

      No. 1…it’s LAME brain. No. 2…what he means to many of us in this state is embarrassment. While his position in the Senate may allow him power, he has abused the position by helping his party unreasonably block every piece of legislation they disagreed with (usually with unprecedented use of filibustering and NO attempt at any form of compromise). Mitch McConnell is for corporate America, not the common citizen. He backs coal, blocks health care and has photo ops waving guns in the air. He represents everything wrong with his party today and every negative stereotype people hold about Kentucky. Be gone with him.

      • HarryRexVonner

        If you are embarrassed by McConnell, how will you feel if the little Lundergan girl is elected. She makes Obama look qualified.

        • Liz

          I am so sick of people who disagree with women calling them “little girls.” Just because you do not support what she stands for does not, IN ANY WAY, make you better, more grown up, or more qualified than she is.

          She has a vagina. Get over it already.

          • HarryRexVonner

            What does the little Lundergan girl stand for, Liz? Has her daddy told her yet? Listen to her. She obviously isn’t capable of developing an original thought on her own. And, your last short paragraph is typical of you combat booted women. Must your ilk always be so coarse? The harder you try to be one of the boys, the more you look like a fool.

          • Magystelling

            Hey Harry, Who the hell wants to be one of the boys, especially the likes of Mitch McConnell or for that matter like you?

          • sharon

            You are a sexist and I’m sure quite proud of it little man

          • WahSupDoc

            Some still have the mindset that vaginas have no business in politics… after all the black MAN got the vote before women did!!!

          • WahSupDoc

            Actually some still think women were put on this earth to serve men and be an incubator.

        • Connie

          My dear HarryRex. If you live in KY, please stand by and just see what she can do for our great state.

          • HarryRexVonner

            What on earth can a mental pygmy, who was selected merely because another mental pygmy named Ashley Ciminella,wouldn’t run, do for the Commonwealth? She has no opinion on anything other than what her daddy tells her. She is a fool and, quite frankly, so are you if you believe she has a scintilla of intelligence.

          • sharon

            better get used to it. She will be representing the commonwealth of KY soon

          • Kathy Green

            Awe, it’s cute how you act like a little boy with name calling… Seriously, is your dick hard now? Grow up little boy. Seriously, grow up

        • Kathy Green

          Obama IS qualified… He was elected twice you know. Not because of voter fraud as I’m sure you will claim, but because WE THE PEOPLE wanted him there.

          • Brad

            @Kathy Green, by WE THE PEOPLE do you mean the 51% of votes that Obama got in 2012? Please do not put me in that category. Electoral voting is BS. The idiotic state of CA goes democratic no matter who’s in the run and they have a huge impact with electoral voting. Let me put it in perspective, CA has 55 electoral votes and KY has 8 (that is almost 7 times as much as KY’s).

        • Kathy Green

          And…. Does your dick get bigger when you degrade women?

    • Allen

      “I’m Mitch McConnell, and I approve this message.”

  • Big Country

    You all that want to “Ditch Mitch” obviously have NO idea or basic understanding of what that man means to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Politics aside, the amount of money he is able to secure is only possible because of his leadership position and there is not a soul in the world, Republican or Democrat that will take his place and continue to secure all the federal dollars that come into Kentucky. Senator McConnell made an error of judgement with the Randle spot, how many of you haven’t made a mistake? GO CATS! GO CARDS!

    • WahSupDoc

      If McConnell brings so much ‘wealth’ to KY then why is KY near Mississippi on the race to the bottom??!??

    • WahSupDoc

      Here’s what Mitch McConnell has done for us over the past
      30+ years:

      He’s anti-public education…He voted
      AGAINST extending low interest rates for student loans.

      He’s anti-civil rights, He thinks it’s okay to eavesdrop on
      Americans without a warrant, and he’s an advocate of CIA’s torture program,

      He voted AGAINST prohibiting indefinite detention of
      American citizens; seems he thinks some American citizens don’t deserve ‘due process’ and equal protections under the law as outlined in our US

      He voted AGAINST preserving rights for people with disabilities.

      He voted repeatedly AGAINST Violence Against Women Act.

      He voted AGAINST Paycheck Fairness; seems he thinks women
      don’t deserve to earn the same as men in the workplace doing the same job.

      He thinks some people don’t deserve the same equal protections and
      benefits under the law because of who they love!!

      He’s voted to secure the individual’s right to burn the
      American flag but doesn’t think women should have the individual right to make choices about their own reproductive health. “Freedom for me but not for thee.” philosophy

      He consistently votes AGAINST funding that keeps our
      children from being food insecure.

      He’ anti-American worker, thinks corporations should be
      rewarded for moving American jobs overseas.

      He’s pro-incarceration, against rehabilitation..wants to
      privatize prisons.

      He’s AGAINST comprehensive immigration reform, doesn’t think
      Guest Workers should have a path to citizenship but votes to allow more foreign workers into the US for farm work.

      He OPPOSES separation of church-state .. I thought this was
      one reason we broke from England??!?

      He voted to deregulate the telecom industry and favors
      corporate media monopolies.

      He OPPOSES progressive taxation; favors a 2-class system.

      He voted AGAINST middle‑class tax cuts.

      He wants to privatize Social Security.

      He favors tort reform even though medical mistakes is one of
      the leading causes of death in this county just behind heart disease and

      He voted AGAINST export of cheaper FDA‑approved
      drugs from Canada.

      He voted with big pharma to delay life‑saving
      brand name drugs from going generic.

      He OPPOSES negotiating bulk purchases for Medicare
      prescription drug program.

      He consistently votes AGAINST labeling food that contains
      genetically modified organisms. Don’t we have the right to know what’s in our food particularly when recent studies have revealed GMO foods are causing health problems ?!?

      His voting record actually demonstrates his opposition to
      energy independence,

      He’s AGAINST renewable energy and AGAINST energy

      He’s anti-environment,

      anti-animal welfare,

      anti-public health, anti-seniors, anti-women,
      anti-minorities !!!

      He voted AGAINST Disclose Act; thinks Democracy works better
      when campaign donors don’t have to disclose limitless amounts of money they contribute to politicians like himself.

      He continues to obstruct efforts in the Congress to expedite
      economic recovery unless there’s an earmark in it for a lobbyist or campaign donor.

      It’s ironic that just weeks after threatening to force the
      U.S. Treasury to default on its debts, (the first time) Congressional Republicans led by our own Senator Mitch McConnell endorses a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution. McConnell, railing about debt and deficits when he is the earmark King… sponsoring or co-sponsoring hundreds of millions of dollars each year in earmarks.. some of these millions he sponsors doesn’t even go to KY..they go
      to NY, Utah, Alabama, TX !!!

      • JBG

        You must mean the money he has been able to secure for himself. Let’s not forget that since Obama announced his cantidacy, the main focus of Mitch’s so-called “leadership” has been to either campaign against Obama’ initial election, vote against anything and everything that Obama then tried to do, spend all of his time trying to prevent him from being re-elected, after which he wasted more valuable time to see that the gridlock in Washington lasted long enough so he could ride in on his big white horse and make it look like he was the only one who could fix it. Kentucky doesn’t need that kind of “leadership”…we’ve had it for 30 long years, and that’s long enough.

        • WahSupDoc


    • Connie

      Are you proposing that is his only mistake?

    • Kathy Green

      If he brings in so much money, why are we still one of the poorest states in the nation? Where is all this money? Schools are losing funding every year. Tuition is being raised every year… Where’s all this damned money? His pocket maybe?

  • jice

    Mitch McConnell is a dinosaur that needs to be extinct like the rest of them. Vote this jerk out of office.

  • Noonan

    Go duke

  • Bo_Kassa

    Let’s throw a tea party for Mitch this May!!!!!