Tom Izzo Goes Off on Dan Dakich During Press Conference

Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo went off on ESPN’s Dan Dakich after last night’s win over Ohio State.

Dakich, whose son plays for Michigan, made some controversial comments about Michigan State on Twitter.

During last night’s game, MSU students chanted, “we hate Dakich!” After the game, Izzo asked about the chants and was informed about Dakich’s comments.

He then demanded an apology and said he wishes he could have been chanting with the students:

“If I would’ve known that before the game, I would’ve embarrassed myself almost as bad as he embarrassed himself, and I would’ve led the chants,” Izzo said. “Calling us whiners and stuff like that is kind of unprofessional.”

As Kentucky fans know all too well, it’s not the first time Dakich has made controversial comments on Twitter.

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