The Other Pitino is Dealing with a Sex Scandal at Minnesota

Minnesota head coach Richard Pitino suspended three players over the weekend for a violation of team rules.

According to Deadspin, there’s more to the story. While Pitino has done nothing wrong as head coach, it looks like he’s dealing with a sex scandal of his own:

Leading scorer Nate Mason and freshmen Kevin Dorsey and Dupree McBrayer (pictured above) were benched for the game, with no immediate word on the length of their suspension—or the reason. In a brief statement, Gophers head coach Richard Pitino said:

“With the privilege of being a member of the University of Minnesota basketball program there are expectations and standards to which we hold our student-athletes accountable, and they have failed to do so.”

On Friday evening, Dorsey posted two videos to his Twitter account. They were deleted within 30 minutes, and Dorsey deleted his account soon after.

The posters at the message boards are on it. Each video reportedly showed Dorsey and another man engaged in a sex act with a woman. It’s apparently not clear whether the second man in each video was the same, or whether it was two separate women, and only Dorsey’s face was clearly shown.

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