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Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • http://www.facebook.com/ronna.lester Ronna Sutton Lester

    Love it!! Loved seeing him shine last night!

  • Pat Roaden

    So glad that he could show everyone what he can do. What an amazing guy !!! Wishing him more games like the one with Maryland.

  • teebandit2

    while all those big men were looking lost and confused.. David(Jarrod Polson) was slaying Goliath! 😉

  • jason m.

    A fundamentally sound PG who made the right decisions and seemed to calm the whole team down. Great game and i wouldnt mind seeing him get more and more minutes..