The Andrew Wiggins Announcement is Set

andrew wiggins rob fulford

andrew wiggins rob fulford

Andrew Wiggins has finally set a time for his college decision announcement.


I am sure you are all waiting in anticipation.

There will be one media member there and you can follow along on twitter if you are like that.

@GrantTraylor of the Herald Dispatch will be tweeting the decision on Tuesday.

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Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Brandon the Average

    I guess everyone got their bids in.

  • Chris Parker

    He would be a fine addition to the Cats, I hope he goes blue!

  • Jerald Hicks

    Andrew come to uk lets get that national title

  • Denny Bullock

    That is an absurd thing to say..This young man is making the biggest decision of his young life…show some class dude…

    • Jarred Davis

      What was so classless about what was said?

  • David jackson

    Go with the BIG BLUE and have a national title with u when u go to the NBA go cat’s

  • Michael Flowers

    His mom loves UofL she wants him too go there but she said its up too him she going to get a big mother’s day gift lol you can’t win championships with four are mor all americans that wat happen too you all uk fans thay all want to be that guy UofL had no all american walk straight threw the big east tournment and the NCAA

    • J. Throckmorton

      What does ANY of this mean?

    • Tony Clark

      Lmfao. How old are u bro?? Go upstairs and tell ur mom to help u with ur basic grammar tomorrow morning after cartoons and capn crunch.

      • Patty Thomas

        Question is, how old are you Tony? For an adult you like picking on people for simple grammar mistakes.. Didn’t your mother teach you any better? Plus, I don’t think ‘UR’ is proper English. I think maybe you need a refresher course as well. You’re just the pot calling the kettle black. Grow up!

        • Mary Yudata

          move on

    • John Duncan

      his MOM and DAD love FSU where they went to school dumbass!

      • John Duncan

        NEVER been any mention of UL…..its UK, NC, FSU or KU…..get yer shit together before you post next time please!

        • Bryan Settle

          He actually is somewhat right, but he just didn’t word it correctly. His “host” mom in Huntington LOVES UofL and wants him to go there. She was also the “host” mom for Gorgui Dieng, who went to UofL, but, no, UofL was never in his list.

    • Anthony Talavera

      Amazing how a person’s comment on here gets people totally sideways, lol. As soon as someone mentions another school besides UK, FSU, NC or KU, you guys get totally warped, lmao ! He’s probably just seeing what kind of reaction he gets and he gets what he wants. People making fools of themselves. People on here are soooooooooo EASY ! lmao !
      BTW, rumor has it that he is choosing Duke.

      • Shannon Haynes

        rumor has it that i’ve heard that same bullshit 399 other times.

    • John Cunningham

      Good Lord where did you go to school, UL? With all the misspellings and poor grammar, I almost need a translator.

      • Patty Thomas

        Simply because someone is less educated than you does not give you the right to pick on them.. Are you not an adult that should know better? Crass remarks just make you look like a fool. Grow up and act like an adult! Who cares if he has a few errors in his post?!? Grow up and quit being a bully!

        • Mary Yudata


    • Shannon Haynes

      …still yet, Cardinal fans still want to matter. ….And eight years down the road, UL fans will still be talking about walking ”threw” the tournament while continuously discrediting KY’s feat the year previous. CARDS- oblivious.. Now those ’80 and ’86 titles matter too, im sure. Im not mad at you, i just think UofL fans, as proven, are very, very incapable of making sense even when trying to prove a point.

  • Jeff Gales

    if hes not having a press conference then id say hes going to fsu ????

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