Texas A&M Loses After Epic Second Half Collapse

Texas A&M held a 44-10 lead over UCLA in the third quarter last night.

Amazingly, the Aggies ended up losing 45-44 after what can only be described as one of the biggest collapses in college football history (the record for biggest comeback is 35 points).

UCLA took the lead on a faked spike of all things:

Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin was already on the hot seat. Now, his seat is covered by open flames.

Well-known regent Tony Buzbee is calling for Sumlin’s job:

“I was the only regent last year who expressed grave concerns with Coach Sumlin,” Buzbee told the Houston Chronicle via email. “We expect more.”

Buzbee is a regent at his beloved Texas A&M, and ignited a fire on Facebook with the fire of the Aggies’ stunning loss still burning brightly.

“I’m sure I may be criticized for this post but I honestly don’t care,” Buzbee wrote on Facebook, and he later confirmed to the Chronicle that he was indeed the author. “I’ve been on the Board of Regents for the A&M System for almost seven years. During that time, I’ve not once commented on Kevin Sumlin and his performance during his tenure at our school. I never said a word when he and his agent manipulated a much bigger and longer contract.

“I said nothing about his arrogance and his mishandling of multiple player controversies. I said nothing when we had multiple awesome recruiting classes, only to see key players leave our school or underperform. But tonight I am very disappointed and I have to say this.”

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And, of course, social media is all over Sumlin:

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