Trey Lyles, Cauley-Stein hope to win big in Indy

trey lyles

Future Wildcat Trey Lyles is on a mission to bring home number 9 from his hometown of Indianapolis: In 2015 I want to win a National Championship in my hometown Indianapolis!!! #BBN #Cats — Trey Lyles (@TreyMambaLyles) April 21, 2014   1 Mission!!! ☝️#BBN — Trey Lyles (@TreyMambaLyles) April 21, 2014   It looks [...]

Video: EJ and Willie on the motor scooter


Willie Cauley-Stein had surgery on his injured ankle and is using a motorized scooter to get around while he recovers. EJ Floreal posted this video of the guys speeding off to class on Willie’s ride. This tweet from Willie Cauley-Stein might be one of my favorite tweets ever: @THEwillieCS15 @BouncyE_24” when bae says come [...]

Fan Finishes Willie Cauley-Stein tattoo


After Michael Gray (@Therealmjeezy) tweeted that he would get a Willie Cauley-Stein tattoo if WCS decided to return to KY, he actually went through with it. Welp, it's def. going down. Stopped buy to peek at @Therealmjeezy getting his @THEwillieCS15 tattoo @KySportsRadio — Lee (@DraftCats) April 19, 2014 @THEwillieCS15 @KySportsRadio done — Michael [...]

Which WCS Look Should Fan Get for a Tattoo?


Last Monday, a UK fan tweeted that he will get Willie Cauley-Stein’s face tattooed on his body. When WCS declared that he will be coming back for another year, Michael Gray immediately made an appointment to get the tattoo done on Sunday. “@Therealmjeezy: @KySportsRadio if @TrillGeta15 comes back ill tattoo his face on me before [...]

Willie Cauley-Stein returning for another year!

willie cauley-stein block montevallo

Cauley-Stein announced the exciting news via his twitter account just moments ago and it was confirmed by I’m proud to say I’m coming back for my junior year. I still have an empty spot to fulfill and in no rush to leave the best fans in the USA! — Willie Cauley-Stein (@THEwillieCS15) April 14, [...]

Young girl dresses up as WCS for Hero Day


Remember the young boy who dressed up as Aaron Harrison on “Superhero Day”? Here’s another UK fan, this young girl chose to dress up as Willie Cauley-Stein at her school’s “Dress Like Your Hero” Day. @TrillGeta15 Today was "Dress Like Your Hero" Day at school and this little girl clearly thinks you are a hero [...]