DeMarcus Cousins is My Hero


DeMarcus Cousins has had some memorable interactions over the years including this latest one with a reporter clearly trying to bait him into saying something less than scholarly. Boogie handles international relations as only Boogie can: Classic U.S. moment: European journalist to DeMarcus Cousins: “Do you know where Slovenia is?” Cousins: “No, do you know [...]

DeMarcus Cousins Injured During Team USA Practice


Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins was injured Thursday during Team USA practice. Here is an excerpt from ESPN. In the first practice since Paul George broke his right leg during a scrimmage, Team USA suffered another injury blow. DeMarcus Cousins injured his right knee in Thursday’s practice while going for a loose ball. He got [...]

Report: Coach K will Pick Dukie over DeMarcus Cousins


You read that title correctly. Coach K has lost his mind. Here is the tweet: 2 things from Team USA: post practice games between Durant/Harden/George are epic; Mason Plumlee likely to make team over DeMarcus Cousins — Brian Windhorst (@WindhorstESPN) July 31, 2014 [adsenseyu3] Did I mention I don’t like Coach K?

Coach K says Nice Things about Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins

boogie and davis

Mike Krzyzewski had some nice things to say about Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins during the USA Basketball training camp in Las Vegas. Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski doesn’t attempt to camouflage his intentions for Davis this summer. “We’re going to have to have active bigs,” Krzyzewski said. “Our main guy is Anthony Davis.” Cousins [...]

DeMarcus Cousins Chances Improved with Recent Defections from USA Basketball


Kevin Love decided not to play for USA Basketball yesterday and it vastly improved DeMarcus Cousins’ chances of making the 12 man roster. ESPN spoke with Jerry Colangelo: Asked if Kevin Love’s sudden withdrawal Saturday, so soon after Blake Griffin’s pullout, gives DeMarcus Cousins and Andre Drummond real hope of making the 12-man roster of [...]

DeMarcus Cousins Dislikes Chris Paul


In a recent interview with Bill Simmons, DeMarcus Cousins talks about his dislike of LA Clippers point guard Chris Paul. Simmons: “There was some talking?” Cousins: “Probably me and CP, but not me and Blake. I don’t have a problem with Blake.” Simmons: “Oh, you’re one of the guys who doesn’t like – there’s a [...]

Who Wants to Play with Rajon Rondo?

rajon rondo

Dime Magazine had an article yesterday where they put the spotlight on a couple of Jeff Goodman’s tweets that basically said no one wants to play with former Kentucky and current Boston point guard Rajon Rondo. Here is an excerpt: Goodman obviously believes that players’ distaste for Rondo as a potential teammate and Smart’s arrival [...]

Video: DeMarcus Cousins “Inked”


DeMarcus Cousins discusses his tattoos in this video from Dime Magazine: Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins continues to build a body of work on the basketball court that marks him as one of the best young post players in the game today. Simultaneously, he’s also been building up the ink decorating his arms and torso [...]

Video: DeMarcus Cousins once hated basketball


DeMarcus Cousins fielded questions during a q&a with kids during yesterday’s youth basketball camp held at Hoops in Louisville. The Camp One kids brought some interesting questions and Boogie gave some revealing answers. Check out the video from KSTV and cn|2 Sports. [adsenseyu2]