andrew harrison

John Calipari spoke to reporters after being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and he told who he thinks is likely to declare for the NBA Draft. // Cal on likely UK players to enter draft: Cauley-Stein, "Karl, twins, Trey." Added Cal: "Now I'm their P.R. machine." — Jerry Tipton (@JerryTipton) April 6, 2015 [...]

Andrew Harrison scored 12 points and four rebounds in Kentucky's win Tuesday over Georgia. The performance earned him the Greater Atlanta UK Alumni Club MVP Award. Even more impressive than his efforts in the win was his display of class and sportsmanship as Georgia's senior players left the game. A winning night for Andrew all [...]

Here is the newest cover of Sports Illustrated for Kids with Kentucky Basketball's Harrison Twins. // Fans will enjoy seeing this hit newsstands soon!— Kentucky Basketball (@KentuckyMBB) February 22, 2015 I usually don't go and buy magazines, but this cover is wild.

Of course, everyone knows by now that Kentucky Basketball's Willie Cauley-Stein was also a wide receiver in high school. Well, the Harrison Twins played a little pigskin too. // Tbt with the killers— Aaron Harrison (@AaronICE2) February 19, 2015 I wonder which one was the quarterback?

The Today Show was on campus at the University of Kentucky recently and were filming a segment on twins. As you can guess, there are a couple pair of twins that you might recognize. // Source A segment about the large number of twins on the University of Kentucky campus this year is tentatively scheduled [...]