Tod Lanter and the BBN Can’t Sleep


For the past few days we’ve been following Tod Lanter’s twitter; he’s been having trouble sleeping.   Tee time at 7:15 (which means getting up at 6). Why am i still awake at 2:24? Because i have DVR, Netflix, and an iphone. — Tod Lanter (@tod_lanterIII) June 5, 2013 I even tweet about sleeping instead […]

Kuran Iverson says Memphis Recruiting Class Is Way Better than UK’s


Kuran Iverson (aka cousin of Allen Iverson) believes working hard beats talent. Although Kentucky’s recruting class is talented he says in an interview with, Memphis works hard and will be way better. What can you say BBN? Write your comments below! [colored_box color=”grey”]“Everybody talking about Kentucky hype, but there ain’t really gonna be no […]

And… also Julius Randle is Coming


That’s right Julius Randle is catching his flight to Lexington… The rest of your favorite UK freshmen will be coming as well – Dominique Hawkins, Derek Willis and Dakari Johnson are also expected this week in Lexington. GO CATS! About to catch this flight to lex with moms !! — Julius Randle (@J30_RANDLE) June 4, […]

Aaron Harrison Hopes To Get Jersey Number


Aaron Harrison posted this photo on Instagram with the caption – I hope I can get my number next year! Will he get # 2? Check out the tweet below, Aaron Harrison shooting over James Harden. Second tweet say it was Andrew, still very impressive. Aaron Harrison Shooting over James Harden. It went in… […]