Study: 60% of UNC Athletes Read Between Fourth and Eighth Grade Reading Levels



A scientific study of college athletes has revealed some disturbing numbers, particularly at North Carolina.

North Carolina, which has already dealt with a nationally-publicized academic scandal, did not test well.

Here are some numbers from the research:

From Mary Willingham’s research, based on Scholastic Aptitude Test for Adults:

— Of 183 athletes in revenue-generating sports admitted to UNC between 2004 and 2012:

— About 60% were reading between the  fourth and eighth grade reading levels.

— Between 8% and 10% were reading below a third grade level

And if you’re wondering about the University of Kentucky:

Kentucky denied our request, saying they do not keep track of athletes SAT and ACT scores. The university also said it does not have a reading specialist, and it withheld the number of specially admitted athletes, citing a federal privacy law. CNN is now requesting additional information.

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