Shaquille O’Neal Calls Out LaVar Ball, Challenges Him to a Game

Earlier this week, loudmouth hype man LaVar Ball said he and his son, LaMelo (not Lonzo, one of the other Ball sons) would “kill” Shaquille O’Neal and his son, Shareef.

Check out Ball’s comments:

Shaq got word of the video and issued a change to LaVar on Instagram:

shaq If lavar ball beats me I’ll superglue this wig to my head forever. It’s only one BIG BALLER BRAND and that’s me THE SHAQ BRAND. Wake up bro. I made more free throws in a game then the Points you averaged mr 2.2 a game. Respect this first balloter #relax #justwatchyoursonplay #shhhhhh #youtoloud #youcanneverbeattheonealboyz

Shaq added a video of him in the wig:

Someone set this up please!

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