Sean Woods Doesn’t Think Much of Kentucky’s Current Players


During a teleconference today for the upcoming game with Kentucky, Morehead State head coach Sean Woods had some interesting quotes about the current players at Kentucky.

What began with an innocent question about Willie Cauley-Stein not knowing who Christian Laettner was and the shot he made to beat Kentucky in 1992, a team Woods was on, the first year Eagles coach opened up with what he thought about kids today.

“They didn’t seem like Kentucky basketball players to me. And I’ll leave it at that. I’m a Kentucky basketball player through and through, and there’s just a certain aura about you.
“These kids nowadays are just so different. When I was coming up, we were humble. Very humble. I think because of the success that Cal has created – which is not a bad thing, it’s a great thing – it just lets you know what Kentucky basketball is right now. But I’m just one of those kids really, really am a blueblood Kentucky guy at heart. There’s just a certain way and a certain look Kentucky basketball players should have, and not have such a sense of entitlement. I think today, it’s still an honor to wear that uniform.

You can check out the rest of the teleconference at the link above.

It sure will be interesting to see the reaction of Rupp Arena when Woods is introduced Wednesday night.

Also, is anyone concerned about Woods comments and how the players acted when he saw them?

Update: Sean Woods clarified his comments after the teleconference on twitter.

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Jason Bolton

    His comments make sense, I get what he means and I saw no disrespect in them.

  • calibluecat

    The title of this article is a joke. I’m a huge UK fan, but the writer needs to take off his blue colored glasses and actually read the article.
    The comments that Sean made describe today’s generation of youth to a tee. In no way did he disrespect UK or it’s players.
    It looks like a case of a weak writer trying to get attention

    pathetic title to this article

    • Gil Searcy

      I was about to say the same thing! Sorry excuse for a writer!

  • Anthony Vicars

    Sounds good to me! I’ll always be a Sean Woods fan!

    I’m not sure if today’s players feel entitled… If anything Calipari let’s them know that they’re not guaranteed to play.

  • ab4631

    I am a huge fan of Woods and see no disrespect in his comments. Have often thought the same. These new players are incredibly talented and I’m very proud of their success, but have know idea of the honor and reverence of what it means to be a Kentucky Wildcat. I’m very glad that we have a coach who is very good at getting these players to come and play at UK, but I think he needs to put more into what Coach Woods is talking about and teach them about what it means to wear the Blue. JMO.

  • T-BEAR

    Sean said nothing wrong. Many of today’s young guys coming up have a sense of entitlement that they just have not earned yet. i do not think for one minute they are getting it from someone like Coach Cal. actually, he might be the best thing for them and has stated over and over that is not the type of guys he is looking for. Last years group jelled because they played as a team and were unselfish. Yes, they were talented, but still very unselfish. This years team still can get that way. As long as they listen to Coach Cal and not their entourage or twitter fans. As soon as they think they belong there without the hard work teams like Maryland will get 30 Off rebounds and Duke will just beat you. I just pray they put their heads down win walking through the campus and just listen to Coach Cal and get to work. Go Big Blue!!!

  • Justin Case

    Typical NOB article. This site has become the National Inquirer of UK sites. Very little writing and substance in the articles and often misleading titles meant solely to get hits. And Scott Anderson is as bad as Matt Jones with his “sources” that he pulls from other sites and Twitter. What a joke

  • Matthew Melton

    The sensationalism of the article title panders to the die-hard idiot UK fan, which I suppose represents the majority of the viewers/responders on this site.. It is blatant irresponsible journalism (I guess if you call this journalism)

  • Bobby Slaughter

    I understand how some of the past players at KY could get upset that the one and done guys seem not to have the respect for KY that they have. But whose fault is that ?? Not the players, it is the system that they play in. These young men know that going to KY for one year will get them where they want quicker than most other schools and for that I can’t blame them. It’s a different era now than yrs ago.

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