Scott Padgett Says John Calipari Had a Baby Bottle for DeMarcus Cousins at Kentucky

Samford head coach Scott Padgett, who was previously on John Calipari’s staff at Kentucky, told a great story about DeMarcus Cousins on KSR earlier this week.

Padgett says Calipari actually had a baby bottle made up to give to Cousins when he acted like a baby in practice.

Check out his comments:

Former NBA and Kentucky player Scott Padgett revealed the story to Kentucky Sports Radio, claiming that during the 2009-10 season, Calipari had the baby bottle prepared whenever Cousins whined and acted like a child.

An assistant coach for the Wildcats that year, Padgett told KSR:

“If you see the transformation that guys like that that were a little rough around the edges have made — I can remember [DeMarcus] Cousins being in practice and throwing tantrums to the point that Cal had a baby bottle made up and said, ‘Give him a bottle.’ I mean, he didn’t ever give him the bottle, but he had it made up and it was kind of funny. ‘Get him his bottle! He’s acting like a child!’”

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