Sacramento Writer Thinks DeMarcus Cousins Needs Counseling

Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee writes about Demarcus Cousins and his recent suspensions and thinks the former Kentucky center needs some help.

You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to realize he needs counseling. He needs to be punished, true, but he also needs to be helped.

Cousins’ emotional outbursts are occurring in rapid-fire succession, demoralizing his coaches, alienating his teammates and crippling his promising NBA career. His stature is shrinking by the deed. After progressing significantly last season under coach Keith Smart, emerging as one of the league’s best young centers and earning a coveted invitation to compete for the U.S. Select Team in Las Vegas, Cousins has regressed surely and swiftly on and off the court.

He has been suspended three times in two months, unavailable for two games for angrily confronting San Antonio Spurs analyst Sean Elliott on Nov. 9 and forced to miss another game after punching Dallas guard O.J. Mayo in the groin on Dec. 10. And who knows how long he will miss for ripping into the coach who has been his most vocal and ardent supporter.

DeMarcus has already changed his agent, firing John Greig and hiring Dan Fegan, who happens to represent John Wall.

Hopefully this is the first step of becoming more of a happy player and staying out of trouble in the future.

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