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Transylvania v Kentucky

Former Kentucky point guard Ryan Harrow had an up and down season for Wildcats last year. Early in the season he left them team for a week and was said to be sick, and it later came out that his dad had a stroke.

Harrow decided to transfer form Kentucky and is now the starting point guard for Georgia State, where he is eligible to play immediately. Harrow says he didn’t transfer because he was forced out, but he wanted to be closer to his dad.

Ryan recently sat down and talked to Rob Dauster at

“I had a long stretch where I was doing really well,” Harrow told, “and then towards the end of the season, it was just hit or miss with me. If I just played like myself and did well, we usually will always come out on top.”

Ability wasn’t the issue. Harrow had 16 points, eight boards and six assists in an overtime win against Missouri and 13 points in a come-from-behind win over Florida in the final regular season game, stats made all the more impressive by the fact that both games were the most important to date for last year’s Wildcats. Those were two bright spots in a season that ended in utter disappointment, however.

Rock bottom came during the postseason. Harrow collapsed. After going 2-15 in in a 16 point loss to lowly Vanderbilt in the first round of the SEC tournament, Harrow was in tears, trying to hide his face from the cameras during his postgame media session as he blamed himself for the loss.

“It just all came out right there. I’m not even a big believer in crying. I really don’t like that [everyone saw me],” he said. “But that was real. What happened to me, […] that was everything that was inside of me that came out.”

Harrow followed that game up by getting benched after playing just nine minutes as Kentucky got dropped by Robert Morris in the NIT’s opening round.

Less than two weeks later, Harrow announced that he would be transferring.

“I really tried not to think about it until the season was all the way over,” Harrow said. “It was a hard decision because I knew how good Kentucky was going to be this season.”

We wish Ryan and his family the best of luck this season and in the future.

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