Ryan Harrow Needs Confidence Booster in Champions Classic

Ryan Harrow has been battling the flu all week long, and maybe that is the reason he wasn’t up to par in the win over Maryland.

Being a point guard at Kentucky raises expectations of John Calipari, media, and fans and being sick might be an excuse to not play well at NC State, but at Kentucky if you aren’t playing like a superstar people start to question if you should be playing.

Harrow’s 0 point performance has many national media members questioning Calipari’s newest point guard, even going as far as asking the Kentucky head coach how they will play without a dominant point guard.

“We’re going to be fine. Ryan has all my confidence,” Calipari answered. “He’s been sick. He had the flu. He wasn’t quite into it, but he’ll be fine. And the second thing is, you’ve got Archie who can play point, so if I needed to, I could move Ryan to two, and we’ll be fine.”

Kentucky’s next challenge is the Duke Blue Devils in the Champions Classic in the Georgia Dome and many are now questioning if Harrow will continue his starting role.

Archie Goodwin and the surprising play of Jarrod Polson led Kentucky to the win over Maryland, but my guess Ryan Harrow will have his shot to redeem himself.

“I told Ryan and Alex,” Calipari said, ‘I know you’re better than you both played. And I’m fine. Just come back the next game and play better.”

What a better stage and opponent for Ryan Harrow to prove to the fans and the country that he is the new Calipari point guard everyone expects.

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