Rick Pitino Says He Had Fun Doing John Calipari’s Podcast

Rick Pitino insists he’s never had a bad relationship with John Calipari.

In fact, Pitino says he actually enjoyed doing Coach Cal’s podcast this week.

Here are a few of Pitino’s comments from

Pitino jokingly said after Calipari asked him to appear on the show that he had to ask special assistant Jordan Slucher what a Podcast was.

“Do I have to get dressed up for it,” Pitino asked?

Pitino and Calipari have a long-standing rivalry dating back to Calipari’s coaching days at Memphis, then Louisville’s fierce conference rival.

“I’ve never had a bad relationship with John,” Pitino said. “I would say our relationship is just as good as Roy (Williams) and Mike’s (Krzyewski). It’s very cordial and professional. The important thing is we have respect for each other as coaches and each other’s programs. We don’t recruit against each other that much. That’s where there’s problems but we don’t recruit against each that much.”

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