Rex Chapman Thinks Kentucky Gets Andrew Wiggins

andrew wiggins rob fulford

andrew wiggins rob fulford

Kentucky great Rex Chapman recently tweeted he spoke to someone that says Kentucky isn’t finished with their 2013 class.

I would be shocked if Kentucky gets Andrew Wiggins after Julius Randle committed.

There are already 7 scholarships spoken for with the incoming 2013 class, which would leave 6 available to finish out the team.

Out of eligibility
Julius Mays, graduate
Twany Beckham, senior

Walk-ons who received scholarships last season
Sam Malone
Brian Long

Current Returning Players
Jon Hood
Jarrod Polson
Kyle Wiltjer(possible transfer?)
Ryan Harrow
Archie Goodwin
Alex Poythress
Nerlens Noel
Willie Cauley-Stein

Current 2013 Class
Julius Randle
Andrew Harrison
Aaron Harrison
James Young
Marcus Lee
Dakari Johnson
Derek Willis

2013 Recruits
Andrew Wiggins
Dominique Hawkins

If I have deciphered this correctly, John Calipari has to cut down his list of returning players by 3, that is if Rex Chapman’s source is correct about Andrew Wiggins.

Who do you think stays and who goes?

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • John Chris Weaver

    its called prefered walkons polson, hood are not gonna have schollys but they are graduating this year and will be walkons.. and nerlens id going to the nba.. so …yea

    • Tom Wilson

      Nerlens is not going anywhere if he knows what is good for him.

      • Daniel Rogers

        Being a top 5 draft pick and forgoing the risk of another injury without getting paid is not good for him? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see him stay as much as any UK fan, but be realistic. The guy is ready to go. He may spend a tiny bit of time in the D-league working on offense and needs to beef up a little bit in the offseason, but he’s as ready to go as anyone else going into the draft.

        • Joy Harris

          I agree 100% and if it was my son I would tell him to go..

        • mojo22046

          If Nerlens were my son, I would tell him that he can’t make a bad decision.

          He’s already insured against any injury. He can earn his degree later, but he’ll never have another chance to be a kid in college. He’s so talented that if he wants to wait another year, the money will still be there for him.

          I don’t want him to be one of those players who regrets not having stayed in college longer. Cal says some of his former players (millionaires, mind you) have told him this, which is really sad.

      • dale

        I just hope harrow is gone, he’s terrible

  • Gregory Rossi

    Cal can start by cutting the first four names on his returning class !!

    • Jarred Davis

      Seriously! Cut Jarrod Polson? I would rather see the ball hog Goodwin go instead, other than that, I agree

  • Josh Akers

    Wiltjer is gone one way or the other. He was a defensive liability ALL season and wouldn’t leave the 3 point lilne on offense. Inexcusable. Nerlens is heading to the NBA. Bank on that. If the basketball gods favor us (and I’m thinking we’ve served our year in purgatory for gloating too mightily), Archie Goodwin will realize he can’t cut it at UK and leave as well. I really don’t want to see him wearing blue and white next year. If not, Polson may be relegated back to walk-on status along with Malone and Long.

  • Brandon the Average

    Hood and Polson will be preferred walk-ons. Harrow is gone. Wiltjer is gone. I wish Poythress would go else where. Goodwin will stay and WCS will do the opposite of what Nerlens does.

  • Tom Wilson

    I think Kyle should stay. The player I would like to see go is Goodwin. While he does drive to the basket a lot, I feel that many times it would have been better if he would dish the ball. But, Hey, I could be wrong. Wiltjer is only going to get better. Archie can get better somewhere else. Willie was a letdown too.

    • Chalmer Williamson

      Seriously dude…you need to be checked…you’ve bumped your head.

    • Jordan Moberly

      I agree with the Goodwin statement but Willie REALLY stepped it up by the end of the year.

    • jason m.

      yah, i agreed with u all the way up to the Willie part.


      Goodwin lead the team in assists for the majority of the year. Good eye…good eye.

  • Dirk Cotton

    Just a wild guess, but if Wiggins wants to come to UK, I’ll bet Cal can find a place for him.

  • Scott Saylor

    I think that Wiltjer will do what’s best for him, and that’s transfer. Whether they stay or go, Cal shouldn’t extend a scholarship to Harrow and Poythress, essentially turning them into non scholarship walk-ons if they choose to stay. In my opinion, you’ve got to earn the right for a scholarship and neither one of them did! If they want a scholarship next year, they’ll have to earn it!! My gut feeling is that Cal is looking to fill the team with as much talent as possible and that means he will be going after both remaining targeted recruits – Wiggins AND Hawkins!!! This will mean either Long or Malone will be left without a scholarship.

    • Kyle Smith

      Poythress earns a scholarship. He is just a freshman. Got to remember Jones was kind of the same way

      • Joseph Woosley

        I don’t know why everyone has Jones back. I’d put him as least contributing player in last year’s class aside from the real bench. Where’s he at now?

  • Joseph Charles

    UK, can have up to 20 players on their roster. So if all showed stayed, and those who can come, it be 19. Malone and Long would be back to walk on statues. But in the end, they all could fit. None should go. Period. That is what has been so bad about this season and the last 3 before on times of struggles. No bench to go to. Witljer is not a starter. But at times, he can come off the bench for 3 point threat. His issue this season was he was to scared to shoot. Goodwin can get better under Cal. But needs time to mature as a none starter. Those who got spots this season due to lack of depth, like Polson, who will become bench warmers and walk on’s, will do so cause they did not show enough this season to be a scholarship player. Noels is not a guaranteed return nor leaving player. His rehab and what he finds out by mid May will determine what he will do. If he did, this would be the first class to show a chance of a actual returning players year in and year out. Instead of one and done’s every year, would look to become two and done’s do to not having many real open spots for a starter spot in their first year.

    • dmsday

      Witlger is not afraid to shoot until he misses 15 in a row. more often than not, he’s not on. He’s a liability on defense.

    • Kyle Smith

      Great post

  • Scott Saylor

    And I’m thinking Nerlens could possibly stay, so Malone and Long both will be without a scholarship and would require Hood or Polson to go back to walk on status. Based on performance, I would give Polson a scholarship although I appreciate Hood’s effort when he played. With those changes, that would give him the scholarships needed with some quality walkons competing for available scholarships next year.

  • Cody

    Wiltjer will go somewhere else, Harrow can’t play at Kentucky not tough enough mentally or physically. And then Nerlens is probably going pro

  • Thomas Moors

    wiltjer, malone and long. the latter two back on walk on status. kyle to timid to play big man role. he wont get no time next yr anyway.

  • Kelly Johnson

    Nerlens won’t be back and Polson will go back to walk on status and most likely Hood will graduate and either move on or could be an graduate assistant which will allow him to remain active with the team.
    That allows for the addition of either Wiggins or Hawkins. Wiltjer would have to transfer to create a spot for both players.
    Harrow can not leave because of the NCAA rule that requires you to finish 4 years of elgibilty in 5 years. Since he has already transfered once that would mean he couldn’t transfer again…he would be out of eligibilty and I don’t think Cal would throw him under the bus that way. I think there is the possiblity he could tranfer to Divsion II and play imediately but again…Cal wouldn’t force him to do so just to bring in Hawkins.

  • Cheryl Rutledge

    I think Harrow needs to go; he’s not tough enough to play for Kentucky. Polson needs to stay with a sholarship. He had more heart than anyone on the team this year, even if he wasn’t the most talented. He will be better next year. As far as I’m concerned if Goodwin can’t learn to do something besides drive to the basket, when the are 3 opposing players in front of him, then he needs to go to. Wiltjer is not a starteer but can give them good minutes off the bench. I hope he stays, but he has to do what he thinks is best for him.

    • Kyle Smith

      Goodwin is a good player. He still needs to drive the ball. He has to do it undercontrol

    • Joy Harris

      I heard both Polson and Hood can graduate in the spring ..also since Harrow already transferred once and has been in college 3 years so if he transfers to another div one..his eligibility will be over if he sits next year at another Div 1 school. Polson knew his scholarship was on a yr to yr basic..I hope he gets to stay and graduate from UK since he is a hometown boy..

  • yanotsomuch

    First World winningest basketball team problems..

  • ukfan4ever

    hood and poulson will graduate this year. if they come back, they will walk on


      Polson will be back, not sure about Hood. IMO

  • Kelly Johnson

    Nerlens ain’t coming back. Harrow most likely is going no where. Archie and Alex played like freshmen…why so many expect 18 yr. kids to play like season vets when they are freshmen trying to adjust to big time college baseketball is beyone me. Wiltjer may or may not transfer. Regardless, with Polson going back to walk on status and Hood graduating…there is room for either Wiggins or Hawkins.

  • Kelly Johnson

    Nerlens won’t be back and Polson will go back to walk on status and most likely Hood will graduate and either move on or could be an graduate assistant which will allow him to remain active with the team.
    That allows for the addition of either Wiggins or Hawkins. Wiltjer would have to transfer to create a spot for both players.
    Harrow can not leave because of the NCAA rule that requires you to finish 4 years of elgibilty in 5 years. Since he has already transfered once that would mean he couldn’t transfer again…he would be out of eligibilty and I don’t think Cal would throw him under the bus that way. I think there is the possiblity he could tranfer to Divsion II and play imediately but again…Cal wouldn’t force him to do so just to bring in Hawkins.

  • Dave Whitehead

    Nerlens is gone, wiltjer can transfer back up to the great white north, cut harrow

    • Morgan Grimmett


  • Terra Johnson

    Whiltjer transfers, Harrow transfers, John Hood either transfers or forego’s his final year, Archie makes the jump to NBA, WCS goes to the league as well, NOEL of course is gone, Poythress stays, Polson may stay, and maybe 1 or possibly two of the walk-ons leave as well. Then of course Mays and Beckham have run out of eligibility. We add Wiggins, Hawkins and two more walk-ons that can play

    • Kyle Smith

      Harrow needs to find a different place. Because he will not play next year. Polson is a better pg

      • dale

        polson won’t get any playing time next year either, better guards comming in and both twins can play point

        • Joseph Woosley

          we thought that this year….

  • Gregory Smithson

    Hood is graduating and my guess is will weigh his options on either returning and walking on or just heading out that’s probably what will be talked about in his interview with Cal if i had to guess. Polson deserves the scholarship over Harrow at this point and obviously Malone and Long will loose their scholarships. i hope that Goodwin and Poythress have an awakening and realize they cant play like they did in high school and return and have a sophomore year like Jones and Lamb did last year. I don’t think any of this years team is even close to ready for the NBA they didn’t prove they were ready for college ball so how can anyone say any of them were ready for the pros.

  • Juwan Bronaugh

    So many recruits, so little room. I know Cal will make the right decisions on who can keep their scholarship and a spot on the team and who cannot. I really hope at least the starters from this team stay, especially if its WCS or Poythress. They have the most upside and I am for sure Willie can step in be a vocal leader and motor because he played hard every game before and after Nerlens was injured. All I can say is we will hang number 9 no matter what happens. Go Cats- 2014 National Champs.

  • Garland Flaugher

    The way i see it you got 14 scholarship players and what ever is left would have to take what ever is left.Walkon or transfer.

  • alex

    Correct me if i’m wrong but both polson and hood are scheduled to graduate this year, but both still have a year of eligibility. so do they need a scholarship if they are both done with school? If this is the case than with we would enough space with them along with malone and long but back on walk on status! allowing us to keep everyone, and keep the great work ethic and senior leadership of Hood and Polson.

    • Kyle Smith

      That is what I thought. Polson is to graduate.

    • Leslie Anderson

      They have to enter graduate school the same as Mays did. I read they could use an academic scholarship.

  • Capurnicus

    Here is what I see happening.

    Hood – Transfers to get some playing time as a graduate student
    Polson – Stays and gets a scholly if there is one available, if not then walkon
    Archie – Stays
    Willie – Stays
    Poythress – Stays
    Noel – Goes NBA
    Wiltjer – Transfers due to playing time not being there next year
    Harrow – Stays (he would probably leave if he wouldn’t lose a year of eligibility)

  • Melanie Brock Salva

    Coach Cal knows what has to be done and he will do it, the guys who wouldn’t adjust, couldn’t be coached and refused to be a team player, those are the ones who need to go, Cal knows who they are and any of us watching all year know it to. I have total faith in our coach to do what needs to be done. I am looking forward to seeing how this all plays out and to a fresh start. GO BIG BLUE!!!

  • Kyle Smith

    Yall got to leave Goodwin alone. Cal will get him under control and you will see a different kid next year. If he wasn’t for his driving this year we lose 5 more games

  • Brian Roach

    This team has the best shot of winning a national title as any team in history. Wiltjer is a valuable role player at U.K. but will never be a starter or primary player because of his defense. I think Nerlens will probably go, but the once in a lifetime chance at a National Title may be enough to delay his payday by one year. As for Archie, I remember the same fans trashing Terrence Jones after his freshman year. He was a different player his soph. season. These kids had no experience and need to mature, but the talent to play at KY is there!! If they all come back, it will be an AMAZING season!!

  • Melissa Jo Sloan Lindsey

    Why wouldn’t Wiggins come to UK next season? He’d be out of his mind not to join the class that’s going to win it all! I say if Wiggins comes, WCS, Poythress, Goodwin, Wiltjer, and Polson stay. Harrow transfers along with Hood, or Hood walks on.

  • Chris Milton

    Harrow, Goodwin, Poythress, Noel, and Stein are probably going pro. That only leaves 3 players on the team if Wiltjer doesn’t go pro or transfer. That tells me they have room to add 2 or 3 more players to the roster for 2013

    • Chris Milton

      Meant to say Harrow probably wants to pro.

      • dale

        No Way any pro team out there, not even overseas will want any part of having Harrow on there team even if he was free

  • beezer

    Noels is gone. Wiltjer an Hood needs to transfer and take malone and long’s scholorships. There u go.


    Anyone who can’t hit a free throw should GO!


      So, you only want Polson on the team?

  • Kelly E Williams

    red-shirt Malone, Long and see if Polson would for the Love of Big Blue. We might need him after the mass Exodus that may occur next year.

  • wwsharp

    Noel is gone for sure….I believe Goodwin should go. Even though he’s behind Portherist in the projected draft, I believe he’d be better suited for the NBA than Portherist. Goodwin is a great penetrater/slasher. He got out of control and got called for alot of charges this year. In the NBA the players won’t be packing the middle jammin things up in the paint with a zone like alot of teams did Kentucky this year. His game is more suitable and with a strong class to pick from next year he should leave now. Portherist has a mental block. I beleive he has a stage fright problem…I just don’t think when the young man see’s the cameras from ESPN and hears 10k+ fans screaming he can concentrate on the game. We all know the word is the kid is a beast at practice…and we’ve seen hints of that this year…But I think another year would do wonders for this kid…Then I think Harrow should be told to transfer…his size hurts him…and although he had all last year to learn the dribble drive…he still after a year playing hasn’t grasped it properly…I don’t think that he’s a UK level guard or really a upper Div. 1 guard…neither do I think the dribble drive is right for him….So in summary…Noel, Goodwin, and Harrow gone…(Hood could transfer too and Polson was a walk on to begin with)…I think Wiltjer had a classic Sophomore slump…he should be told to stay…especially for some leadership…

  • Morgan Grimmett

    Kyle is so freaking good just needs the ball more and more confidence

    • Brett Watts

      Also, learn how to play defense…. Would help alot…

  • Mel Oliver

    Anyone who doesn’t realize that this is already a done deal, Godspeed!

  • dale

    Andy Katz just said Willie is coming back, but also said lots of kids get caught up in the moment and change their mind latter when they start thinking money