Report: Kyle Wiltjer will Transfer to Gonzaga


Greg Crawford of Comcast Sportsnet is reporting that Kyle Wiltjer will transfer to Gonzaga.

Crawford’s Court has learned tonight that barring any last minute change of heart, Kyle Wiltjer will most likely be playing his basketball in 2014-15 for the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

Wiltjer still could choose another school besides Gonzaga, but two different sources told Crawford’s Court tonight that they would be really surprised if that happened.

Read “Kyle Wiltjer Could Become a Gonzaga Bulldog Real Soon” by clicking here.

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  1. Good luck and God speed, Kyle!

  2. Brandon the Average

    Absolutely no shock here at all…I think most us expected it.

  3. Good Luck Kyle, but I am sure you will miss Camelot!!!!!!!!

  4. Arlene Bates Harper

    breaks my heart, but I know you want to go where you will get the playing time you deserve

  5. good luck Kyle, Coach Few is a top notch coach.

  6. All the best for Kyle – it’s a great fit for him and the Zags…

  7. If he feels he needs to go, then by all means we should hope for the best for the
    guy. So thanks Mr. Wiltjer for the time you spent with us.

  8. Wiltjer should head to California and Coach Mike Montgomery in Berkeley.