Rajon Rondo seeks ACL Surgery Options, includes cadaver tendon



Rajon Rondo suffered a torn ACL injury last January 25 and has not yet undergone any surgery. He continues to seek more options on who will perform  the procedure and how it will be done. According to his agent, he will miss the remainder of the season, but the Celtics continue to say he’ll be ready by training camp.

“One doctor will tell you, ‘You need to use the patella tendon,’ and another will say, ‘Basketball players who use the patella will have tendinitis when they come back,'” Ainge said. “And another doctor will say, ‘When we get in there, we’ll be able to see if we can attach the hamstring, and sometimes intertwine that with a cadaver tendon.’ There’s a lot of different methods, and I think Rajon is just trying to figure out which is best for him.”
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Repairing torn ACL with cadaver tendon is not unusual.  According to WebMD, studies have shown that ACL reconstructions that use cadaver tissue fail in 23% of patients younger than 40.

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