Rajon Rondo Takes a Jab at the Sacramento Kings

Former Kentucky guard Rajon Rondo can’t seem to help himself at times.

Rondo’s latest controversy came earlier this week when he took a jab at his former team, the Sacramento Kings.

Check out Rondo’s comments via Yahoo!:

In addition to the selection of games he missed over the last few weeks, Rondo missed a game earlier in December when he was suspended after an altercation with Bulls coaches. He wasn’t happy when he was given the news he was sitting just before the new year.

Rondo says he was told by a staffer that he wouldn’t name that the team was taking him out of the starting lineup “to save me from myself.”
And Rondo’s reaction?
“I thought it was (bleep),” he said.
Rondo said his role is much different than what was promised him when he signed a 2-year, $28 million deal with the Bulls. Both sides have been quiet about the move, though the Bulls are obviously upset about Rondo’s poor defensive numbers from the last month. Still, he thinks he has value and deserves time on the court. To prove this, Rondo boasted about his gaudy assist numbers during the 2015-16 season with a Kings team that didn’t exactly have the league’s best roster.

“It’s just, maybe, the personnel in this situation,” Rondo says in response. “I mean, last year — I hate to keep talking about last year — but you couldn’t name three people on my team, the Sacramento Kings, and I led the league in assists. You know?

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