Pitino Regrets Leaving Kentucky, Struggling in Louisville


Sports Radio Interviews spoke to Rick Pitino; he talked about how he regretted leaving Kentucky for Boston and the potential that Tim Duncan could have changed his coaching career. He also said he was struggling in Louisville and envious of his son living in Miami, which incidentally is getting much success this season.

Here are excerpts from that interview.

Do you regret at all going to the pro’s?

“No. I loved going to the Knicks because we won the Atlantic Division championship. We went from winning 21 games or 19 games to winning 52 games in a short period of time. I loved coaching Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakley and all those guys. I think I do regret leaving Kentucky because I took over a team with 15 wins banking everything on the Tim Duncan lottery, and once we didn’t get Tim Duncan I realized that leaving Kentucky was not a good move.


How envious are you of your son that he is living in Miami and you are not?

“You know, I am very envious. I’m struggling in Louisville right now and he gets to — I am actually — we are practicing at 6:15 in the morning tomorrow and then we are flying, a bunch of us are flying into his last home game against Arkansas-Little Rock. I am really, really excited for him. Miami is suddenly a hot bed for pro and college basketball and I never thought 15-20 years ago I could ever say that. It’s really exciting.”


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  • Shannon Ruffra

    Wow! I guess without any real men’s basketball, football or baseball to talk about, this is probably all you guys DO have to talk about. I would be talking about that great OT win over Mizzou, but jocking lil’ brother who swept UK for the 2012 season in basketball, football and baseball (twice) suits us just fine! The still screenshot of a Pitino You Tube video as the caption photo is priceless….:-) Shannon Ruffra – Approved Louisville Athletics Media Member and Mangaing Editor of Cardinal Dominance

    • David

      I would think you would have something better to do than read articles on a UK website but then again, you are a Louisville fan…..

    • VA

      Ha Ha. you are the “Mangaing” Editor of Cardinal Dominance? I bet that you are excellent in that role.

    • logan

      Championship mean much? What do these numbers mean to you? 8, 2, 2012, 1986. Last time Louisville won a national championship in basketball I wasn’t alive. If your highlights are beating us you haven’t accomplished much, obviously.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wesley.berding Wesley Berding

    When does UL plan on winning another championship? Been almost 30 yrs now…

  • cmac

    Really is that so??? Lets talk about the last time as u chin strap wearing fools that call yourself DA Ville even honestly did shit in bball.if I recall it was in the 80’s.cats have one rebuilding year after losing the whole team and Louisville fans like yourself think u can talk.remember who trips over a national championship trophy everytime they walk into the locker room.when pitino wins one let me know cuz it ain’t happening in the near future guarantee that!

    • Prospect Card

      Shut your blew pie hole hilljack. Once that “championship” is VACATED…and it is inevitable, all will be right with the world. By the way, what’s uofk ranked this week? Hmmm…thought so. #L1C4 #ukNITbound

      • http://www.facebook.com/chad.l.hendricks.1 Chad Lee Hendricks

        championships are all that matters. every team will have years where they aren’t as good and besides, kentucky loses their entire team to the draft and louisville barely beats them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.hammond.35 Greg Hammond

    U of L is not relevant in ANYTHING, but they want to be so badly.. Hell they want to be just like big brother, that’s why they read our message boards. They haven’t won a championship in anything besides Cheerleading since Peewee’s Playhouse was on..

  • Dale Martin

    UL beats the Cats in Basketball one every 8 games and they think they’re on top. Shows you who little brother is.

    • alex22406

      Yeah UofL is worse than UK in just that one sport but UofL is better in Football and Uk has played 11 more seasons in basketball than UK so you should be a head of us in bball.

      • http://www.facebook.com/chad.l.hendricks.1 Chad Lee Hendricks

        yeah that 11 more seasons in basketball really doesn’t mean much. kentucky probably didn’t even play 100 games in that span and basketball wasn’t really a sport.

  • Dale Martin

    The Cats has fans nationwide, the cards have half a city of fans. WOW, 27 years and waiting for those 200,000 fans to have something to cheer about.

  • alex22406

    Hey when is the last time UK has beat Florida in football or even been to a BCS bowl ? Which UofL has done both in one season lol. and what has UK done besides finishing third in the state in Football and will Probably finish third in the state in Basketball this year.

  • alex22406

    Also Pitino means hes struggling in Louisville because its cold here and its warm in Miami way to take his words out of context.

  • alex22406

    But UK is alot better all time in basketball than UofL. I dont think any UofL fan would argue that but UofL is better this year and will be just as good if not better than UK for the next two years. But I dont see how UofL is not relevant in any sport. I think that 2 BCS wins in 5 years and and 2 Final fours and 4 elite eights in 6 years and with UofL ranked in 9 sports currently I would have to say that UofL has definitely been one of the most relevant college’s in every sports since the year 2000. Which UK has only been relevant in one sport and will always be relevant in only one sport which is Basketball. UofL might not ever pass UK in basketball but we can at least get the overall history closer between the two than it is now and also incase UK fans are not paying attention UofL is starting to and will continue passing UK in Football and every other sport and within a few more years UofL will be the better overall athletics program ( this is including all sports not just basketball which UK will still be a head in) and college in this state and will be one of the best overall colleges in the nation. Also remember that the NCAA tourny has only been around for 75 years and UK has played 11 more basketball seasons than UofL so UK should be better, also UK has played 22 more years than UofL in Football, but has done less than UofL. UofL has 3 major bowl wins to Uk’s 1 from the 50’s and UofL is definitely the better football program of the two. Also I am not going to re-read this post so sorry if it has anything misspelled or anything else wrong with it I have wasted enough of my time on this site as is.

    • alex22406

      Also forgot to say that the ACC will allow UofL to make 20+ million more than UK does as an overall athletics program. UK has reached its maximum potential conferences wise and money wise but UofL is just now scratching the surface its potential since UofL will finally be in a major conference and will play better teams and will earn way more with the ACC’s tv contracts and bowl tie in and the New ACC will be the best overall conferences in terms of all around athletics in the nation.

    • http://www.facebook.com/chad.l.hendricks.1 Chad Lee Hendricks

      kentuckys going to be far better than u of l next year and probably in the upcoming years. have you seen the recruiting class?

  • http://www.facebook.com/MaryBelleGoff Mary Belle Goff

    This wildcat fan will always still love Rick….I love Cal….but hey we loved Rick and we didn’t want him to leave. We have been blessed to find Cal!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gracie.best.98 Gracie Best

    i am glad kentucky decided to play in NIT tournament. They can hopefully end the season on a better note than the game against Vandy. Love my cats win or lose.