Phil Mushnick Hammers Kentucky for Racketeering


New York Post writer Phil Mushnick took the time to write an article blasting Dick Vitale, ESPN, Dez Wells, Jon Gruden, and the Kentucky Wildcats.

You can check out the entire article here, but lets look at what he said about Kentucky and the one and done rule.

In the same telecast, Vitale mentioned the “one-and-done” system of the Kentucky program, then noted that neither coach John Calipari nor UK “has done anything illegal,” then praised both for their string of sensational recruiting and on-court successes.

Vitale’s rationalizations ignored the fact that the University of Kentucky is a college, ostensibly devoted to higher education, and not an NBA warehouse and showroom.

That full college scholarships are being granted to heavily recruited athletes with virtually no intent to stay in college for more than a year or two, that a major university now annually serves as a front for a basketball team — known in other business enterprises as racketeering — apparently is unimportant.

Racketeering is defined as the following: Traditionally, obtaining or extorting money illegally or carrying on illegal business activities, usually by Organized Crime . A pattern of illegal activity carried out as part of an enterprise that is owned or controlled by those who are engaged in the illegal activity. The latter definition derives from the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations Act (RICO), a set of laws (18 U.S.C.A. § 1961 et seq. [1970]) specifically designed to punish racketeering by business enterprises.

So, now Kentucky is the college basketball mafia according to Mushnick…sounds like a t-shirt in the works to me.

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Andrew Louden

    Surprise, surprise, more drivel from the New York Post, this is the rag that always has front page headlines like “f*ckmaster back to f*ck masters” talking about Tiger Woods and “Cloak and shag her” talking about Gen. Petreaus. I’d take anything they say with a grain of salt.

  • Bryson

    Yea some people just hate us cause they aint us….. i can see the shirt as well…. prolly say somethin like basketball mafia… id buy it!! Lol

  • Beverly Neighbors

    Like Dick Vitale said it is Jealousy. It always had been even before Calipari so it is still.

  • willough

    Calipari has said on many occasions that he is not in favor of the one and done but NCAA passed it so blame them. He would love to have these athletes for 4 years as would UK fans.

  • Paul Mainous

    if you dont like the 1 and done then change the rule

  • Lonna Kay Gilbert

    So tired of hearing this! This has absolutely nothing to do with University of Kentucky or Coach C!!! This is a NCAA issue, get off our Cats!!!

  • Jason Bratcher

    I hate it too… But for the record, its not an NCAA rule, its an NBA rule… Then kids can go overseas and play professionally if they want. But they get more exposure in american college basketball…

    • Andrew Louden

      And play against better players in American college basketball

    • Dirk Cotton

      Actually, an NBA Players Association rule.

  • Jason

    That guy needs to complain to the NCAA. UK doesn’t make the rules. NCAA makes the rule and we try to do the best we can with what we can or cannot do. People get angry because their school isn’t getting the talent we been getting. Me as a fan would love to have all these awesome recruits at our school for 4 years. The NBA and NCAA cooked up these rules.

  • Denny Combs

    The entire country is trying OR
    want’s to do the same.Because UK happens to be doing it better than anyone.We (UK) must be hated for it. Haters let’s us know that UK is at the top of the hill!!! Please feel free to hate!!!! Not that we need it.

  • David Castle

    Who is

    Phil Mushnick ? And why does anyone care about what he said ?



  • DoctorJNB

    The University of Kentucky IS a place for higher education, and that includes physical education as well. Most of the basketball players do come back to the university to take classes to try to earn a degree, during the summers and after their professional careers. There is nothing illegal about UK’s actions or intents. Mushnick would really be dangerous if he knew anything about college basketball…

  • scott

    I would so buy a t shirt thay said UK college basketballs mafia.. OMG I would I would buy two of them. And one for my wife. Haha

  • Shane Buie

    I’m not in favor of the one and done either. Just think, John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe would all be seniors this year! Go Cats and Go Coach Cal!

  • Mike B.

    It sounds like Mr. Mushmouth might be a tad jealous…..obviously he isn’t a Wildcat fan. Excuse me, but isn’t the purpose of getting an education to make money?! I do believe that professional basketball players do ‘okay’ financially.

  • Shawn Gray–aka JaG

    H8 tha game; not tha playa’s!!


    When are the morons that “blame” the one and done rule on Calipari/UK ever going to learn? SERIOUSLY. If they thought for a second, WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH would Calipari want this? For example, take last years class. WHAT coach in his RIGHT MIND wouldn’t want that class to stick around for 2-3 (or 4 obviously) years. SERIOUSLY!!!!

  • John Jenkins

    You know things are going really well for you when the haters keep coming like the tide. LOL …and somebody sell me that t-shirt!!!