Pat Forde Slams John Calipari

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john calipari mad

Pat Forde from Yahoo Sports doesn’t like John Calipari, so tonight he writes an article blasting Calipari after his ejection in last night’s loss to South Carolina.

Here is an excerpt from the article.

As his program crash-landed at rock bottom Saturday at South Carolina, John Calipari excused himself from the proceedings. He got himself tossed by the officials, and then blew off the press conference after his Kentucky Wildcats lost to a team ranked No. 178 in America according to the RPI.

When the going got tough, Cal got out.

It was a nostalgic flashback to December, when Calipari made a four-minute postgame interview appearance after losing to Baylor, then abruptly got up and left when the first question was directed toward one of his players. His freshmen sat there and answered the rest of the queries without him.

Had Calipari shown up to answer questions Saturday after the worst defeat of his Kentucky tenure, instead of sending assistant John Robic and two freshmen to the interview room, here are the questions Calipari should have been asked.

Read You made your bed John Calipari, now lie in it by clicking here.


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About the Author

Chad Pugh
I am a die hard Kentucky fan, and I love being able to cover UK sports. I've had season football tickets for 17 years. Follow me on twitter @ChadPugh_NOB.
  • Jim Taylor

    Pat Forde is a jackass and has been a hater for as long as I can remember.

  • Scott Spears

    Gee, Pat Forde took an opportunity for a cheap shot? That’s definitely the Pat Forde we all know and love.

    Puck Fat Forde.

    • c8100

      It’s not a cheap shot. It’s a valid point.

      • Jason Spears

        dude so sick of seeing your stupid post and comments and replies, coach cal is an amazing coach his first 170 games or so had exact same record as rupp so shut the hell up and he dont have a valid point, u are a UK fan only when they win a championship or dominate the whole year only 8 losses to date with five freshmen starter dont see no other coach doing that

        • Scott Spears

          Anybody who is complaining about Calipari at this point has no business calling themselves a UK fan. Yes, this team has issues, and yes, last year Noel did get injured. Two disappointing seasons (only by UK’s lofty standards) are no reason to start lighting torches and waving pitchforks.

          • Grendel007

            I am a Cat fan and I can and will complain about Cal even if you ridiculously claim I can’t and still be a fan.
            Are you prepared to use the same “young team” excuse every year? Because that’s what you are going to have to do.
            The first 2 years of Cal at UK he still recruited players to play his system, which is what he had to do at a not Kentucky school. The third year was a freak of nature, but still had upper-class leaders.
            Now he doesn’t recruit players to play the system. He recruits them to be drafted in the first round, which is now ironically damaging their draft stock.
            One of us will be proved wrong gin the next few years, we will find out who

          • Kyle Smith

            Hey , you do realize he has the same record as Rupp at this point

          • Joshua Brian Ballard

            Guess it didnt take a few years to be proven wrong? Ready to eat some crow?

  • Honey Rechtin

    Pat Forde may not like Calipari, but he’s dead on.

    • Happycat66

      When Pat says anything about Cal it is usually not good, but what do you expect from Pitino’s ghost writer. The man has a man crush on Pitino. Wonder what he thinks about Pitino’s behavior with Karen S.?

  • kondordisqus

    Pat who?

  • ukjb

    Even though most of what he said isnot wrong, Forde is a Louisville fan who hates UK. No different than any other ignorant Louisville fan. His thoughts on Cal are worth nothing. Harrow wasn’t run off. He moved back home to Georgia to be with his sick father. Were a lot of people glad he left? Yeah. But it was a happy coincidence. Nothing more. And Wiltjer wanted to play on a team where he could be the star instead of sharing the limelight. His choice, not Cal’s. Most fans wished he would have stayed, myself included. And despite what anyone in America says, Cal has done a fine job. 4 completed seasons so far with an elite 8 a final four and a championship under his belt. Even though UK fans expect final fours every year, that’s just not going to happen. Is cal a great xs and os coach? No. But he is an outstanding recruiter and a great player developer. Remember Jorts? That guy that single handedly beat louisville in 2010 … And shut down Sullinger in 2011… Yeah he was a nobody leftover from the Gillespie era and cal grew him into a final four player who’s played in and out of the nba for the last two years. He’s a better coach than some people give him credit for. And I for one am willing to stick it out. Silver seems intent on extending the minimum rookie age. Imagine what impact that would have on UKs “problem” …

    • Kyle Smith

      I don’t understand how you say cal isn’t a good x and o couch. He has great plays. He does a great job at that. Unless you couch with him or play for him, don’t know what kind of couch he is. I agree with everything u said, but this

      • string music

        I disagree with you whole heartedly. Cal is Not a “couch”. He is a purty good coach though.

        • Kyle Smith

          Thanks for the correction

  • Bret Garrett

    Don’t see anything wrong with this article and I’m a Kentucky fan.

    • Kyle Smith

      It isn’t totally true . Harrow was terrible. He left on his well he knew he would be on the bench

      • Bret Garrett


  • mark in indiana

    How about he forced them to be team driven instead of coach driven

  • Ky_Tom

    any Kentucky fan, or even a reader of the LCJ, knows damn well that Pat Forde is a UK hater from years ago. he hated Joe Hall, and Eddie, and even Rick, when the trouble hit the program, Forde was right there on his little web blog throwing punches at anyone who wore a blue colored shirt. So when I see and read a story from a guy like Forde, I just say, UK hater, there is no substance to his story, but he needs hits on his punk ass yahoo website with his acc owned Espn blog spot . All of these so call sports writers, just live for chance to trounce the UK program, because they know there are millions in the BBN, that will link up to read his bullshit story, but it looks good to his espn yahoo bosses..So this is the main reason Forde does this crap..

  • Terry

    Calipari is a good coach , the one and done needs to be stopped . You cant rebuild every year !

  • dave

    pat forde your a piece of work talking about kentuckys coach.why don’t you get off your ass and try to coach these kids if you think its that easy

    • c8100

      No one forced Cal to recruit all of these freshmen. That’s nothing but a BS excuse.

  • Clark Kent

    I am a long time UK fan, and I wish they would fire Cal.

    • Michael

      Yeah, and I bet you wish they had 4 year players too, then when they suck 75% of the time you complain and think they are horrible. You are an embarrassment as a UK fan and its people like you that make UK fans look bad.

    • c8100

      I agree.

    • Greg C

      Clark Kent is a Chicken Shit that is afraid to give his name ? Typical Losserville fan hiding in the Chicken coop bashing UK

    • ukjb

      Not a real fan in my book. you and bandwagon, fair weather fans like yourself should not be allowed to watch the final four.

  • Angela

    Everyone seems to forget that we didn’t have a championship title for
    14 years until Coach Cal came around…They don’t hand these things out
    like candy, and aside from a couple of teams winning back to back
    titles it’s usually several years between winning another banner…..I
    post the stats right here.
    Tournament Appearances: 53
    Final Fours: 15
    Championships: 8 (1948, 1949, 1951, 1958, 1978, 1996, 1998, 2012)

    Rupp got a back to back in 48 and 49, after that he went 2 years,
    then 7 between titles…Where people screaming “Get rid of him. He can’t
    coach”….I highly doubt it. because it took 20 years to get our next
    Championship title, then 18 years, a close 2 year streak then another
    drought for 14 until Cal took over…..and no because he’s not spitting
    out winners every year (Which no one else does) you fair weather bench
    riding backseat couch coaches all want to blame and replace the
    man….Well, Shame on you! He just coached a Championship team 2 years
    ago along with a final four before that….Did you people just jump on
    the 2012 bandwagon and expect it to happen every single year?..And as
    for the “One and done” thing, quit blaming Coach Cal for a rule he
    hates, and had no part in creating…..Bottom line is your either behind
    your team or your not, and if your not move on, but I guarantee you the
    next team you pick will not be throwing a Championship trophy on their
    shelves every year either!

    • Scott Spears

      Cal has ! team that was clearly the best in the nation, that ran into trouble in the NCAA tournament, 1 team that struggled in the regular season (like this year) that hung a Final Four banner, 1 team that won a national title, 1 team that had its best player tear his ACL and ended with an NIT berth, and this year, which is yet to be finished. By any measuring standard, that is excellence.

  • Nurse

    I for one do not care what Pat F says: Go Big Blue!!!!!

    • Jeff Schrembs

      Go Big Blue where exactly? To practice? To change? To what? I can tell you, over these six decades now, that our chances to be competitive will not increase past next year (pertaining to the number of All Americans we can sign) and the point(s) I have been making is that Coach has to change. I believe that this team, if allowed, could put up some good numbers if they got away from the “pound it inside” mantra. Secondly, put Willis and Lee in the game and give them time. You should be honest about the fact that Randle is going to the NBA and, at least one of the, Harrison(s) is trying as well. Lastly, UK fans have the right to disagree but not to their own facts.

      • anon

        I think you should be the coach. you and every one else that is fed up with cal seems to know exactly how to fix our situation. apparently you’re just a freaking genius. maybe bbn should be paying you millions and millions to make these decisions. smh, bbn does not need you as a fan. go move to louisville and trade in your blue for some red. fair weather fan

        • Jeff Schrembs

          I have respect for everyone (i.e. you, Coach, each player, etc.) but this is about being a UK Fan. Do you know the definition of “insanity”? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Are the Harrisons, and Young, so precious that their inability to be an asset on the floor (over 40 minutes) equate to wanting Cal to be fired? Why is it that Willis or Lee or Hood can’t get more time? I grew up in Kentucky and it is a great Commonwealth. I would never “trade” my blue for the truth. These players are young (in age) and they all (I am sure) are good people. This site is about what happens on the court and (sadly) that is where Calapari, and certain players, have come short. I lived through decade after decade when UK couldn’t get a high recruit. When they were on prohibition. When their high signees (actually) died in high school (such a shame). When Bowie came back and played with the “big dipper” Mel Turpin. I watched the 1984 game when UK shot the lowest FG % (second half) in NCAA history and Georgetown blew them out in the second half. I was there when Joe B left. Through Sutton, Smith, Billy, etc. Pitino, while at UK, did more with less than any modern day coach at UK. I was there when UK fell to LSU and came back to win the greatest comeback in history. When UK beat Auburn and Charles Barkley sat on the court crying. When Shaq went against UK. Perhaps there will come a time when you can make the distinction between legitimate concerns and observations. Hopefully when that day comes you will react, to the unwarranted critics, by focusing on the facts and not the words.

  • uk liker

    this reporter dn’t have same paycheck as cal. so who is smart now dumass why do y think he has to talk to any of you. y never write what he says anyway. go to track and write about pig races something you know about

  • Jeff Schrembs

    PRESS RELEASE – As UK fans know we continue to seek our 40 – 0 goal in practice. I like this team. They are really playing hard in practice. They are coming together in practice. I love this team. Don’t let your lying eyes tell you that we just got beat by the worst team in our league AT RUPP. Fans, don’t worry about that NCAA thing because after a loss, when our assistant Coaches aren’t glued to their chairs – texting – or playing candy crush, we all read from our script of “we know we can get this going and make a great story”. Does that not satisfy you fans? What do you want ? We collect McDonalds players hoping we find Boardwalk and Park place and win a MILLION dollars and not to actually try to put the best players (performing) on the floor that; have heart, can pass, can defend, can man up, etc.. Oh yeah for other players thinking about coming here just know that we play players based upon their high school ranking and not what they do in real games. And we put a premium on practice. Well, I’m off to recruit more McDonalds players while I can so mark your calendar…after we lose early in the NCAA Tournament we will have a special banner day where we put up our “UNDEFEATED in practice” banner. Contingent, of course, unless the women’s team here challenges in practice and then we will put up “almost UNDEFEATED in practice”. Nuff said.

    • anon

      We didn’t lose to the worst team in the league at rupp. i know it’s hard to go to espn and notice that it said @USC… i’ll give you a pass for not being able to work the internet. after all, you are JUST a hater. probably never amounted to much anyway. but please, keep on trolling and saying stupid stuff. bbn loves it. no one hates you when you’re irrelevant.

      • Jeff Schrembs

        Thank you for your completely baseless comments. Perhaps one day, Suzie, you will use your real name online. By the way the old adage, of the liberals, is “when presented with facts ….attack the person”. Thus I rejoice in your comments. Also, Suzie whenever you become a “real person” we will compare bank accounts. Until then work on your spelling and go back to your crayons.

        • ukjb

          1) There are no spelling mistakes in anon’s comment (only capitalization)
          2) Comparing bank accounts on the internet? What a douchy thing to say.
          3) You did not address the point that you were in fact incorrect about where we played USC.
          4) You rejoice in her attacks, then attack her back. What a hypocrite!

          Given these four facts, I would tend to agree with anon over you.

          • Jeff Schrembs

            I respect your comments, and “anon”, and I am thankful that UK has passionate fans. However when every word, punctuation mark, comment, etc. (of mine) is immediately attacked and excuses made for the terrible play of this current team there is an imbalance to say the least. Every point I have stated is valid. No one wants these players to succeed more than I and UK fans but, unlike you (apparently), I want ALL of the players to have a chance and that means playing; Hood, Willis and Lee. That also means that Coach Cal has to change his approach or he will end up having a heart attack. I realize that he is walking a tightrope in this desire to keep Young, WCS, Alex, Willis, Lee and one of the Harrisons next year. But, by giving players who are liabilities, and then making irrational statements such as “Young is the best shooter in the country” just shows how Coach – the assistant Coaches – and the players are removed from reality.

          • ukjb

            You ever considered that maybe Willis and Hood play crappy defense in practice? maybe that’s why they don’t get enough PT? Look, I think Cal needs to play more bench as much as they next guy. But just because he isn’t playing the bench does not mean he deserves the criticism that a lot of people are throwing him under the bus with. Surely there is a reason. A man does not get into the position he’s in by making repeated bad decisions. We aren’t on his staff and we don’t know why he makes the decisions he makes. So you can criticize him all you want but you have to have a little faith sometimes. This season is far from over right now. We were basically in the same boat 3 years ago when we couldn’t win a road game to save our skin. Then we ended up in the final four and lost to the eventual champs. Even if we don’t make it to the final four. I’m still a huge supporter for Cal. People are clamoring for change this, change that, change the other… He ALREADY changed by recruiting hawkins and willis. He didn’t recruit those guys the first 4 years. Those guys are going to be on the team for 3-4 years. so for the next 3+ years, we are guaranteed leadership. hawkins gets plenty of PT for being a freshman with his skillset. Despite having a down year last year, and possibly another down year this year, we are not in a downward spiral. This “problem” that everyone thinks we have will not be a persistent threat. especially considering we’re only going to lose hood, polson, randle and most likely young after this season (losing at least four anyway since we have four recruits coming in). So I’m not worried.

            The point is…
            Does Cal deserve a little criticism? yes.
            Does he deserve as much as he’s been getting? Particularly from Forde who basically threw him under the bus – not because the statements were true, but because he hates Cal and had an opportunity to do so? hell no!

          • Jeff Schrembs

            Practice? Your lack of logic, and common sense, are far too rooted in “practice” to understand that what counts is the game performance. Apparently Young and the Harrisons are great at practice. SO WHAT? You must be ear deep in the Kool-Aid.

          • ukjb

            I just spent 10 minutes writing a very well put together response to your nonsense and your only remark is on the first sentence… I think you need to go take a few lessons on how to debate … You’re not doing yourself any favors.

          • Earl Joseph Miller

            Jeff Schrembs
            a card fan no doubt.

  • c8100

    Too many UK fans are stuck on Cal’s nuts.

    • anon

      … just like your mom

  • Robert Young Jrl

    Call it what you may, Pat Forde had the guts to say what others were thinking, but did not want to ruffle the feathers of the highest paid college coach.

    • Happycat66

      Just what you were thinking. I just wished he had not given them 6 points!!

  • LeisureKing

    I am a lifelong UK fan (as you can see from the picture of me and John Wall) but I have to say that Forde is mostly right-on. He does take his normal cheapshots (mostly regarding Harrow and that “Calipari” ran him off) but most of what he says is true. Calipari should have been man enough to show up after the game. He gets paid a lot of money and is happy to take the good publicity so he’s got to be willing to face the bad.

    I honestly thought last year was a fluke and that the 1st three years was more indicative of how things would play out this year. But I’m stumped. I don’t know how they miss so many close-in shots and, if we were shooting just 70% from the line consistently, we have 2 or 3 more wins.

    But have heart BBN, there’s still time. At this point the only thing we’ve hurt is our NCAA seeding. I’m convinced that, regardless of seeding, we have the talent, ability and coaching to get hot and win it all. They’ve each had monster games individually. Now we just need to pull it all together.

  • Theophilus

    When you break a thoroughbred so that he can run a race with a rider on board, you better not break his spirit or he will lose confidence in himself and no longer have the fire in his eyes.

  • Lee Lawrence

    Something is wrong in paradise. I have been going to UK games since Ralph Beard played. I am a UK alumni and member of the UKAA. For some reason, our team went into overdrive after Cal was kicked out of the South Carolina game. Unfortunately it was too late.

  • plcc07777

    Yellow Journalism at its finest.

  • Jason Spears

    I love coach cal , just as good as any other coach and i dont see any other coach in ncaa starting 5 freshmen and losing only 8 games to date. and i bet if we pull it out this year and win a championship u all will be back on his nutts, cant stand u fake ass fans that only like UK when they are winning, im a true fan and stand behind Cal, even if we dont win them all..

  • justaukfan

    I’m a diehard UK fan and I wish the guys played with more heart but I think anyone who would even hint of getting rid of Cal is crazy. Go Big Blue

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  • NOWA

    Forde is a U of L fan. How many years did he spend in Louisville before moving to Yahoo?

    • ukjb

      the funny thing is he wrote for the courier journal for years. now he has an espn gig, but they won’t let him publish garbage like this so he has to post it to his yahoo channel lol

  • NOWA

    How does that old saying go, those who can coach, coach. Those who can’t write about it.

  • NOWA

    I’m not a big fan of the one and dones as I am sure most are not but come on!
    You see coach’s that struggle with one player that has the potential to be a one and done, Cal does it every year with 3, 4, 5, 6. It has to be tough to get players with huge egos to buy in, and if you have one that is a real problem, he can ruin the progress of the whole thing.

    First off, this season isn’t over and until it is who is Forde to criticize Cal’s methods. Has he coached at that level, no. Has he won a Nationla Championship, no.
    Here are some facts for Forde.
    4 full seasons, 3 elite 8’s, 2 Final Fours and 1 National Championship.

  • BigBlueRule

    Pat Forde is like a stopped up toilet bowel!! Coach Cal has won 80% of his games as a ‘Cat. Wonder how that compares to Gillespie, Pitino, and Smith? This article was a direct attack on Big Blue Nation by a hater, that is evidenced in the header!!

  • TrueBlueFanAllanHawkins

    It’s really bad how fast people turn their backs on our coaches and call them selves fans. A fan is someone that sticks by their team through the good bad and ugly. U all that say Cal should be fired are the same people who made one descent play and scored a layup in high school and consider that to be your glory days. How about the next time u consider your selves as UK fans add a D to the front and an E at the end cause the true UK fans don’t consider u fans at all. North Carolina is waiting for all u bandwagon wanna be so called UK fans.

  • Kevin

    In the world of the one and done player, the Kentucky fans will follow only if we are in the hunt every year for a national title or we are invested in the players. In one season we don’t know the players and if it looks as if we are not in the title run we don’t care if they win or not. This year we are cheering for the few upper class men.

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