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NOB TweetStorm: Top Stories of the Morning

When I wake up in the morning, which is a little later than most since I am a teacher and it is Summer, I get my phone and twitter as soon as I open my eyes.

I was scanning twitter this morning and I saw a couple of stories that you might want to check out.

Here it goes.

Everyone’s favorite person to hate might have finally hit his final 15 minutes as he blew up in a recent Adidas AAU event and had a female official taken off his game. ESPN’s Jay Bilas has taken the time to hammer the most hated Dad in the world and says he isn’t worthy of our attention.

Kentucky Football has hired another defensive coordinator, but you won’t ever see this guy on the field.

I am sure you saw it yesterday, but one of the funniest tweets of the weekend is Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving having a little fun at LeBron James’ expense.

LeBron was busy coaching his son and questioning whether a kid that was taking his team to the rack was the right age.

Allen Iverson was a no show at the last Big3 Event and with the upcoming games in Rupp Arena one would wonder if they are going to get what they pay for.

Check back on Nation of Blue.com for what I am sure will be a busy Monday in the Big Blue Nation.

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