New Orleans Shuts Down Anthony Davis Due to Injuries

The New Orleans Pelicans have announced they will shut down Anthony Davis due to knee and back related injuries.

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New Orleans Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry announced on Sunday that the franchise has decided to shut down Anthony Davis for the rest of the season, because the All-Star forward will undergo surgery.

Gentry revealed that Davis had been dealing with a shoulder injury for the entire season, and he has an issue with his left knee that’s going to need correction. Gentry didn’t specify, but it appears Davis could require surgery on both his shoulder and knee.

Davis was forced to leave Friday night’s game against the Trail Blazers just before halftime after injuring his left knee after trying to set a screen on guard CJ McCollum to free up point guard Jrue Holiday.

”We’re going to shut him down – he’s done for the year,” Gentry said. ”It’s unfortunate, but he’s bene playing with shoulder problems the whole season and it’s amazing when people say he’s soft and they don’t understand that he’s played through a situation with his shoulder the entire season.

”I think we have to look at things long term and look at what’s best for the future of our franchise and for that reason he won’t play anymore this season.”

Gentry said Davis took the news hard. There’s also a chance Davis could be forced to miss participating in the upcoming 2016 Olympics in August for Team USA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Let’s hope that everything gets straightened out for Anthony and he returns better than ever.

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