NCAA “throwing the book” at Clint Hurtt

Clint Hurt, ESPN’s recruiter of the year for 2011, is in trouble with the NCAA. If we remember the Louisville associate head coach, defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator was involved in a scandal last year which resulted to Nevin Shapiro behind bars and the NCAA serving some heavy penalty to the Miami Hurricanes. With these accusations, Charles Strong still assured Hurtt of job security back in Louisville. Will this change as NCAA is finally “throwing the book” at Clint Hurt?

Hurtt is in the spotlight once again as people involved in the Miami scandal is pointing to him playing the major role in making sure recruits go to the parties. This accusation is all about Hurtt hosting these parties for recruits, and receiving money from Shapiro. This is going to be interesting, we can almost be sure he is going to be unemployed soon.

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