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Nation of Blue Fan of the Week (11/4-11/10)

Better late than never!

Finally, this week’s winner… Thomas Younce!

There’s no other person we could’ve picked for the Fan of the Week. You can read for yourself and agree. Here’s what he had to say about being the ultimate fan and his UK life:

Nation of Blue Fan of the Week Thomas YounceMy favorite player is Michael Kidd Gilchrist, the reason is he is such a family person and loves them very much. We met him in Louisville at the motel before the second game of the tournament and he was so polite and talked to me and my son as if he had known us for a long time.

My Favorite UK memory is them winning the National Championsip this year because I followed them to Louisville, Atlanta and then to New Orleans. The only regret I have is that my son was not with me because he was with me for the first two rounds and would not fly to New Orleans with me. I was sitting eight rows behind Kansas’ bench and how a great view of the game and after UK had won it all I was standing in my seat taking pictures until my phone went dead, it was so fun.

I am the ultimate UK fan as I have well over 150 shirts as of now, two UK tattoos, 7 pairs of UK shorts, 3 pairs of UK pants, my vehicle has a big decal on the back window looking like a shattered glass with UK busting out of it, UK floor mats, Uk seat covers, UK steering wheel cover, two 2012 National Championship stickers on the side windows, the light up UK National Championship logo, two window National Championship flags, an antenna 2012 National Championship flag on it, all UK bedding, four beanies, a UK tart warmer, two pillow pets thats UK, a UK snow globe that plays the UK fight song when its wound up, a wildcat mascot when you push its foot it plays the UK fight song, and last but not least the best of all a UK National Championship ring. I live about 4 hours from Lexington but i made a total of 18 games last year counting the NCAA Tournament. Live in southwestern Virginia and most of the people around here are UT or VT fans but I would have to say I’m one of the biggest UK fans there is and will support the Blue and White till the day I die. Hope you like the picture just a little proof of how my vehicle looks along with a little bit of UK stuff i have.

Congratulations Thomas! You win bragging rights and the chance to win SEC tickets! Continue to support Nation of Blue! GO CATS!


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