Mychal Mulder & Dominique Hawkins Locker Room Quotes

Here’s what Mychal Mulder and Dominique Hawkins had to say leading up to the second round match up between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Wichita State Shockers.

Mychal Mulder

“What do you know about the match up for tomorrow?”

“We haven’t watched them a ton. We know that they crash the boards and they play hard. We know what we’ve got to do and we’re just working on us right now.”

“Have you heard about how highly regarded they are being the 10 seed?”

“No, I haven’t heard a lot about them. We’ve just been focused on ourselves and on being the best version of ourselves as a whole. We’ve worked all year to get to this moment and get to this position and be able to play well in March.”

Dominique Hawkins

“Does Malik Monk ever lose confidence in his shot?”

“Not at all. We all have faith in him and believe that he can knock down those shots and hopefully he will hit some tomorrow.”

“Do you guys expect Wichita to play physical, especially when guarding the perimeter?

“They have great guards and I’m sure they’re great defenders. We’re just going to come out and play our game.”

“How will having such a late game effect you guys with the quick turnaround?”

“I don’t think it will affect us that much since we have a full day to rest in between. We also don’t play until around 2:30, so that will give us a little more time.”

“Wichita State is saying that they do “the little things” well. How well do you think you do those things?”

“I feel like we do those things well. There are some times when we do break down in our box outs and just watch the ball, but Bam usually gets every rebound so that’s why we just watch. This game we are really going to have to focus on boxing out because we know they have tremendous size.”

“Do you need more consistency as you move forward in the tournament?”

“We can’t afford too many mistakes because we are going to be playing elite team as. From now on it’s win or go home.”

“With so much attention placed on Malik Monk and Bam, do you think this is a chance for you to surprise some people and make an impression?”

“I don’t look at it that way. I think I’m a great player as well. People always tell me that I can do more for the team. Whatever coach wants me to do for the team is what I’ll continue to do.”

“Why do you think you are 30-5, even admits struggles from key players?”

“I feel we have that record because other people step up. When Malik is having an off night, someone else like Fox or Bam, and even I can step up and take a turn in scoring for us. There’s even been a lot of games where one player hasn’t been playing well, but if everybody plays well together, then we’ll have a great game.”

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