Morgan Newton Is The Next Jacob Tamme

UK Football has definitely seen it’s challenges the last few years.  Fans reminisce about the day’s of Woodson, Johnson, Burton, Little, and Tamme.  This years team has shown some promise (I’m talking about the offense), and it may have taken another step forward over the last two weeks.

Morgan Newton is regarded as one of the most athletic players on the team, and now he’s found his way onto the playing field. After realizing that he’s the definitive “back up qb”, Newton approached the coaching staff and asked how he could get onto the field.  The answer,… Tight End.


Newton practiced his new role more this week than the week before. Offensive coordinator Randy Sanders expects the senior to be more than just Smith’s backup by the end of the season.

“We don’t have many guys with his size and speed,” Sanders said. “You don’t have enough guys like that. And I told him last spring if he wasn’t the starting quarterback, he wasn’t going to stand beside me.”

The new UK quarterback called Newton one of the best athletes on the team.

“He’s definitely top five,” Maxwell Smith surmised. “He’s one of the best basketball players on the team. He can get very physical. You guys can see that when he runs the ball, he’s not afraid of any contact. When we do put him at another position, I’m sure he can help us because he’s a great athlete.”

More than anything, though, Newton has been a valuable resource for the young quarterback, who is still figuring it all out.

“The last thing Morgan has done is sulk,” Smith said. “He’s been high-energy at practice. He’s full-speed at his highest potential. He’s practicing really well. He helps me all the time. If I make a bad read, he lets me know. He helps me a lot.”

Newton’s experience at quarterback makes it easier to slide him into positions in the offense, Sanders said.

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Does Morgan Newton have a shot at being the next Jacob Tamme?  Only time will tell..  But if it doesn’t work out, he could always try any position on the defense.
And here’s a little Jacob Tamme and Andre Woodson in the Music City Bowl to help start your Saturday.

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