Mom Says Arrest of Former Louisville Player Jaylen Johnson Was in the “Backwoods of Kentucky”

Former Louisville player Jaylen Johnson’s guilty plea to possession of marijuana has been vacated and erased, according to a report from

Here’s an excerpt from WDRB:

Former University of Louisville men’s basketball player Jaylen Johnson’s guilty plea to possession of marijuana in Woodford County, Ky., has been vacated and erased, according to court records.

The case was “vacated,” or thrown out, and sealed on Monday, though there is no explanation.

Because the case was sealed, court officials in Woodford County told WDRB it no longer exists. However, the case is still in public court records.

Once a case is sealed, it is supposed to disappear from public record.

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According to Johnson’s mother, Janetta, the whole situation is a mess. She says her son was “in the backwoods of Kentucky” when arrested. Keep in mind, he was in Versailles.

Here’s what Johnson’s mother said in an interview on 93.9 The Ville last week:

I want to let you guys know here in Louisville, don’t believe what you read,” she said. “That is a mess. I really don’t know how much detail I can go into, but I will let you know this: Jaylen didn’t know (anything) about that mess and how it even got there. He doesn’t even know. He wasn’t smoking weed. Rick Pitino and everybody believed him because he told the truth. They wanted him to plead guilty because they said it was half of a joint in a Gatorade bottle in the backseat somewhere. … They were in the backwoods of Kentucky, and all I can say is I’m glad my son made it home safe.

Johnson has decided to leave Louisville and sign with agent, ending his college career.

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