Mohamed Bamba Commits to Texas

Mohamed Bamba has just committed to Texas for 2017-18.

Bamba chose the Longhorns over Kentucky, Michigan and Duke.

Bamba blogged about his choice here:

So what does this all have to do with basketball and recruiting? A wise man once told me that your college decision is an outright reflection of who you really are on the inside. So before you know my decision, you gotta know who I am, where I come from and what I’ve done to get here.

I remember the first time I started to think about writing this letter. It was just a couple of days ago as I was heading back to school on the bus and worrying about a lot of different things. Some of those worries were normal for any high school senior with three weeks left on the clock: homework, final exams, my upcoming driver’s test, prom — and of course my college decision.

Others were unique to my upbringing and family situation. How do I better myself and build a long, successful career that will 1) ensure that my father won’t have to drive a cab 70-plus hours a week, including nights and weekends, and 2) ensure that my mother — my true rock — will never have to worry about me again? What high school should I recommend to my younger cousins who so dearly want to be like me (even though they’ll never admit it)? How can I convince them that one of the best ways to avoid trouble in Harlem is by attending a school outside the city — like I did?


The most meaningful compliment anyone has ever paid me is that I’m “mature beyond my years.” They were probably just attributing that to my physical gifts, but deep down I’d like to think that I’ve been making some incredibly difficult adult-type decisions ever since elementary school. I’ll tell you about those someday if I get invited back here to write another piece, but the “big rocks first” mantra has helped me navigate these adult situations. It was only natural that I use it for my college decision.

When all was said and done, one school filled my decision jar the best.

I’ve decided to attend the University of Texas. I will be heading there in early June to get to work.

Why Texas? Why would a kid from Harlem travel 1,750 miles from home to pursue his goals? Well, big rocks first:

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