Mike MacIntyre says He hasn’t been Offered Job by Kentucky

Rumors were swirling all over the Commonwealth yesterday and the biggest one concerned San Jose State head man Mike MacIntyre.

MacIntyre was the talk of the day as being offered the Kentucky job and the odds on favorite to be the next head coach by some.

Well, it doesn’t sound like, at least from Mike MacIntyre, that he has even been contacted.

“There’s no truth to that,” MacIntyre said. “Even my daughter’s calling me from Texas, saying ‘Hey what’s this?’ It’s just all Internet stuff.

“Those things are always going to fly. To me, that’s good for the program. I know people think that distracts, but there’s all kinds of stuff all over the Internet all the time. Honestly, I’m just trying to focus on the bowl game and recruiting and we’ll go from there.”

But MacIntyre said he has yet to be contacted by Kentucky, or any other schools with openings, including Cal.

“Nope, not as of right now,” MacIntyre said. “We’re just going along with what we’re doing. I’m honestly just focused on that bowl game.”

Guessing that the coaching search will end soon, MacIntyre and Florida defensive coordinator Mark Stoops have been the most talked about names in the last couple of days, but you never know when a name out of nowhere will pop up.

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