Marshall Henderson Slams Fake Ryan Harrow Twitter Account Thinking it was @RealRyanHarrow

Photo: USA TodayPhoto: USA Today
Photo: USA Today

Photo: USA Today

There are fake accounts everywhere on twitter and the one that tricks people the most is @12Harrow. This is a fake account that has fooled many journalists and fans into retweeting the total fake accounts of the Kentucky point guard.

Ole Miss’ Marshall Henderson was also fooled into believing the fake account was @realryanharrow and slammed him and the Kentucky basketball team.

Here are the tweets from the fake Ryan Harrow account:

fakeryanharrow tweets

Henderson’s reply, which has since been deleted:

marshall henderson tweets
Hat Tip:

Henderson was told about the tweets being from a fake account and he sounded displeased that it wasn’t really Harrow:

“When I came off the elevator (I was told) it was not real,” Henderson said Saturday. “I was like, ‘Oh, well. I wish it was.’ ”

When asked if he regretted his Twitter remarks, the Ole Miss guard said: “I don’t regret anything that I do in life.”

Henderson and the Rebels play LaSalle at 7:40pm in Kansas City on TruTV.

What do you think of Henderson’s reaction to the fake twitter account?

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Steve McIntosh

    He just needs to be reminded he got schooled by the Cats!

  • Greg Milto

    can’t wait till he get knocked out of the tourny and i don’t have to hear about him anymore

  • Scott Spears

    I am much more surprised that people STILL are surprised when Marshall Henderson opens his mouth. Don’t worry too much about Marshall Henderson. He’ll be playing in Turkey next year when he decides to go pro…which is all but inevitable with his lack of judgement.

  • Guest

    Oh and don’t expect Henderson to defend his Twitter statements.

  • jazzmine

    swamp boy needs to climb back under his rock….

  • suzie

    Hmmm…I seem to recall that his team LOST to UK this year. Wow…and he is one of the few people in this world that “don’t regret anything they do in life” Must be awesome being perfect

  • Dale Martin

    So sad that someone with so much talent has no common sense. If you know his whole story he’s had a drug problem for a long time and this will be what does him in, he’s a ticking time bomb. What a waste.

  • donna stokes

    I guess I shouldn’t be shocked by anything that comes out of his mouth…however my opinion of him changed greatly after him tweeting prayers for Noel right after his injury…& was rooting for them to continue on in the tourney as fellow SECteam…he really needs to learn to either keep it shut or learn how to eat his words more!! Anyone who can’t own their on mistakes will lead a very miserable life&as someone else stated his will be overseas somewhere&we won’t have to hear his crap anymore!!

  • Chris Williams

    Its not surprising that someone fooled him! I’m glad you shaved that stupid Mohawk so at least he looks less like a tool and just sounds like one.

    • Kl Mcdaniel


  • girlycat

    If I remember correctly he got shut out when UK played them. i wish we would have taken THAT team to Pennsylvania.

  • Robin McDaniel

    I think he’s just a kid who is fun to watch when he’s not playing us (then he’s obnoxious). Kids say things that are stupid but they’re too immature to take them back. He’ll learn. Go Rebs from this BBN girl.

    • Kl Mcdaniel

      hope we aren’t related

  • Trudatmofo

    What a complete and total douche bag. No one will remember his name.

  • Kl Mcdaniel

    CAN’T WAIT till we break his back next year. He doesn’t have a game against a real team. Enjoy this, your success is EXTREMELY temporary. Psycho….

    • Clint Neal

      Somebody please photoshop a picture of Bane breaking Batman’s back and put the Wildcat’s head on Bane and put Henderson in the place of Batman.

  • Diana Serafini

    He s playing a sport with no sportsmanship. Reminds me of Dennis Rodman’s attitude when he played. He had to grow up eventually! Fun is fun and nasty is nasty. Hope he gets it soon.

  • Jweb

    White Trash is what he is, I dont know why someone has not beat his bitch ass yet!!

  • Matt

    I’m a Kentucky fan and I hate Henderson, but if he played for Kentucky I would have no complains. Harrow needs to show the same attitude he has on twitter on the basketball court.

  • Jason Burnett

    Coming from a kid who got caught trying to buy 59 grams of weed, with counterfeit money?? On top of that, he seems a lil “handicap”, which is fine and all, but its no excuse act the way he does. Not to mention, the coaching staff appointed a staff member to “stay” with him at ALL times, to make sure he doesn’t do anything “stupid”. WOW!! What a life douche.

  • prd9601

    Go LaSalle!

  • Ang McDavid

    Tweaky Douchebag

  • John Jones

    He’s a punk

  • David Combs

    @NativeFlash22 = #PUNK

  • Stamper2898

    Someone went after him first, with an account that ended up being fake, fooling him. Why wouldn’t he respond snarky? Wouldn’t you?

    He’s a big showboater, but I don’t see the big deal in this one.

  • Hunter Jordan

    is it just me or does Henderson just look like a crack baby who is on meth? Im just saying… the last person i heard say “i dont regret anything i do” just got out a jail for murder

  • Chris Wallace

    Henderson is a punk….. Pure and simple. You aren’t on 4 teams in 3 yrs for just any old reason!!!

  • Greg Bush

    What a giant tool. Who cares, let him enjoy his 5 seconds of fame. What a complete jacka$$

  • JEFF54