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Marcus Lattimore’s Gruesome Injury


South Carolina running back, Marcus Lattimore, suffered a gruesome injury to the knee yesterday.  You may remember Lattimore as the running back who UK couldn’t seem to tackle during the second half.  He’s also the running back that was out of the game (hurt) when UK beat USC a couple of years ago.

Lattimore was considered by many to be the best running back in the SEC.  It’s a shame to see his season end with this type of injury.  We hope he’s well enough to recover and take a shot at the NFL.

Please be advised that the injury in this video is not for the squeamish.



In my opinion, these types of tackles should be illegal in both college and the NFL.  There’s nothing skillful about throwing your body into the legs of the offensive player.  If the offensive player’s legs are not free to be knocked out from under him, it’s an injury waiting to happen.  And most likely it’s one that will end someone’s career.

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