Lynn Bowden is Still Academically Ineligible to Play at Kentucky

Lynn Bowden, UK football’s top incoming recruit for 2017, is still academically ineligible according to head coach Mark Stoops.

Stoops said he hopes to have Bowden on campus and eligible this week.

Check out his comments:

Q. Is Lynn Bowden on campus yet?

MARK STOOPS: Lynn is not. Lynn is the only one that’s not here. I expect him this week. So we expect him to be here shortly.

Michael Nesbitt just got cleared, just got here, so he’ll be out there today. You’ll see him.

We do have EJ Price is here today. Transfer from USC, offensive lineman, offensive tackle.

And Matt Panton, the punter, is also here today.

We expect the rest of the team to be pretty close to full strength. We have a few guys that we got to be careful with some reps early, that are nursing a few injuries from the training that they have done this summer. But in general we’re a hundred percent healthy. Guys that won’t take reps today will be Tobias Gilliam, has a high ankle sprain, that he’s dealing with. And Jamon Davis as well.

Outside of that, we’ll be at full tilt and we’re waiting on Lynn here in the next couple days.

Q. Is it an NCAA issue?

MARK STOOPS: No — well, it’s clearinghouse. It’s academic eligibility.

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