LSU Thinks They Will Beat Kentucky

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Former LSU basketball players are starting to talk smack about how the are going to beat Kentucky this season. Apparently Johnny Jones is having some luck recruiting, but it’s not enough to compete with Kentucky.

Jeff Goodman of ESPN sent out this tweet after talking to Collis Temple.

Kentucky hasn’t lost to LSU since 2009 when Billy Gillispie was coach. Give LSU credit they did beat Kentucky twice in a two week period. The Tigers knocked Kentucky out of the SEC tournament.

LSU may have a decent team this season, but I don’t think they want to be giving this talented Kentucky team any bulletin board material.

Kentucky and LSU will face each other twice this season, the first time will be in Baton Rouge on January 28, 2014 and Kentucky will host the Tigers in Rupp on February 22.

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About the Author

Chad Pugh
I am a die hard Kentucky fan, and I love being able to cover UK sports. I've had season football tickets for 17 years. Follow me on twitter @ChadPugh_NOB.
  • Karma1965

    why would you play if you didn’t think you’d win? a little too much bravado, perhaps, but at this level, you don’t play unless you think you’re gonna be competitive…

  • Scott Spears

    LSU is a tourney team this year, and UK might well overlook them, particularly in the Baton Rouge game. It’s a great setup for an upset. I’d at least pick LSU to beat the spread in that game, and wouldn’t be at all surprised if that is UK’s only loss of the year.

  • Adam Rigdon

    So because Collis Temple talks smack, “LSU thinks they will beat Kentucky.” ?? Jesus sports writers will latch onto ANYTHING to try and stir up a story. Run out of things to write about much… This article is just plain stupid and I feel stupid for having bought in and clicked the link. #TWITERSUCKSSTOPWRITINGABOUTEVERYTWEETYOUSEE

  • Jim Marshall

    I don’t see any sec team beating uk.they can talk all they want.wont happen this year.