Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell Fires Shots at Kentucky’s Freshman

montrezl harrell louisville

Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell was asked about Kentucky’s team this season and basically shrugged off the incoming freshman class and all the hype that is coming with them.

“I’ve been asked that question a few times how we’re going to matchup against UK. They are another game to us,” Harrell said. “Everybody is hyping them up but people have to realize all those guys coming in are freshmen. They haven’t even played a college game yet. So all these guys they’re hyping up, yeah they’re pretty good guys and they did pretty good in high school but that doesn’t mean anything when you get on the court.”

Read “Hancock, Harrell rejoin team” by clicking here.

Do Harrell’s comments fire you up and get you ready for the matchup with the Cardinals?

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  1. Brandon the Average

    I hate to admit it, but he speaks the truth. As bad as I hate Louisville, they are the reigning champs and until we take it from them and everyone else we have to let our play do the talking and not worry about high school accolades.

    • Exactly. I’m glad to see rational fans. We don’t want to act like some of our cousins from Louisville the year after we won it all. They are the current national champions and all roads to the Final Four will eventually go through them.

  2. The team that won the national title was a group of freshman too.. but whatever makes him feel better. 😉

    • And they are no longer there. The team that lost to Robert Morris was a bunch of freshman too. They are undoubtedly talented players, but that doesn’t always translate to success at the next level. They’ll toss the ball up and play the game and we’ll see who wins.

      • Wall Cousins Bledsoe Orton freshman elite eight and ranked number one most of the year. Knight Jones Lamb freshman and final four and you didn’t even get to see Enes on that team and Im sure you didn’t want to. Davis MKG Teague Wiltjer freshman and National champs and undoubtedly the best team all year long. Last year Noel Goodwin Cauley-Stein and Poytress freshman (the worst class yet) and terrible year. Ill take the way things are going considering this is the “Best Class Of All Time” with Poytress and Cauley Stein returning to add to it.

    • You can’t predict what freshman will do. Kentucky was HORRIBLE last year, but the freshman the year before were great. This group should be better than the frosh last year, but will not make the title game. I’ll be generous and give them the Elite 8 if they don’t screw up in the easy SEC this year.

      • This will be the best team Cal has had at UK, be generous all you want when we cut the nets down again this year. Come play in the SEC and see how easy you think it is. It can be easier playing in the Carrier Dome than places like Vandy or either Mississippi school. And as far as UK being Horrible last year loserville beat them by 3 at the chicken bucket.

        • Blah, blah, blah. UofL is the reigning NCAA Champs while UK again perfected the one and done. NIT one and done that is! Anthony Davis is NOT walking through that door but then again UK fans and facts don’t exactly mix!

        • we actually have someone on here that knows their basketball. What a surprise. little red bird fans get their knowledge at the bottom of a beer mug. Just read what follows and you will know that is the gospel. They disregard hundred years of history / and use Robert Morris as the trump all card. That was a big fluk as is Louisville winning the championship . like they say the Sun shines on a monkeys ass every now and again. Pretty darn sure louisville has a major sunburn lol.

          • They also perfected first year Elite Eight / 2nd year Final Four / 3rd gear championship 4th year anything can happen / 5th year you’re soon see what happens bring on the midget Red Birds

          • Pleas tell me how you figure Louisville winning the title last year was in any way a fluke? And just saying, UK losing to Robert Morris last year was a trump all card for last year and any ruined any kind of track talking y’all could even think about saying. But as far as their past goes that game doesn’t even put a dent in it.

          • Loserville winning wasn’t a fluke, the 2 big east officials that only called 1 foul against the ghetto dogs in the last 8:43 in the final 4 against WSU was how you won your tainted championship. Loserville has gone to 2 NIT’s with rick and didn’t win but you idiots don’t or can’t remember that. Stay in your slum city and if your lucky you may get to raise hell again in 2113.

          • They act like they win every couple years or so, Loserville wth rick will have 10 or more losses this year.

        • You kiddin me guy? UofL would run through the SEC in basketball. And I haven’t seen what this years UK team can do as a team yet but I seriously doubt they’re the best team calipari’s had there. There won’t be another squad like y’all had a couple years ago.

          • You fools think the SEC is so easy and weak, go play in those gyms in Mississippe, Alambama and Vandy, it’s not always the teams you play. Louisville will lose 10+ games this year bring ricks total to 8 of 13 seasons with 10 or more losses. You guys are SO GOOOOOOOOOD.

          • your smoking dope. six mcdonalds all americans from a year with tons of talent. More talent than that of 2012 for sure. there is a reason it is the best of all time. ALL TIME!

      • Colton, your living proof an idiot is born everyday. I’m sure your parents are so proud of how you turned out. By the way, if you work real hard you could get your IQ up to 75-80.

        • Pretty sure you need a IQ higher than that to get into Auburn Univeristy. It must surely be higher than that to be enrolled in their College of Engineering. You know, it takes some sort of keyboard warrior to talk trash over the Internet. I won’t blame you for being as worthless as you are, most UK fans are.

          • Lets go out for a beer and I’ll tell you what kind of idiot you are to your face boy. I’d say in 100 yrs loserville may have enough idiots that are fans so you can have your own page to hang out on. Hard to have fun with 3-4 fans.

          • Sounds like a plan little man 😉

          • The bag on your head is for your sister, I mean girlfriend. I get confused when they’re the same

          • LOL is that the best you can come up with? I can’t take this serious anymore.

          • I wonder how long it will be before loserville goes down for Bridgewater selling autographs (believe me he has) or the basketball player shooting at a couple guys at a local loserville dive. How long with rick, charlie and tom be able to hide and cover this up. Which will happen first, loserville getting hammered by the ncaa for all the unethical things going on in both sports or will rick take another friends wife to the salad bar.

          • LOL

    • Got that right this year will be so sweet revenge whatever you want to call it. Going to be epic watching little red bird feathers flying throughout the arena.

  3. It’s going to be a good, if heated, game this year! So what else is new! GO BIG BLUE!!

  4. cant wait till they meet on the court and let them think its just some freshmen coming in and its going to make the victory that much sweeter lets kick some ass BBN

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t last years recruiting class the best ever, you know, the one that lost to Robert Morris in the 1st round of the NIT. If you recruit one and done players you’re going to have to wonder every year if they are going to pan out. When it does, great, when it doesn’t, 1st round NIT loss.

      • You are wrong. Last years class wasn’t even the best that year (UCLA ranked #1 class), so no it wasn’t the best ever.

      • Are you that stupid, they were never rated as the best class ever, they were the weakest class Cal has brought in since coming to UK. UL has lost twice in the NIT since rick has been coach and in the 12 years he’s been there he’s had 10+ losses 7 times. WInning a title every 25-30 yrs isn’t the tradition we’re used to at UK, titles in 48,49, 51, 58, 78, 96, 98, 012 with 5 different coaches is tradition. UK can have 5 seasons in a row like last year and it would take loserville 75 yrs to still catch up. After UK beats loserville by 20+ this year and starts another string of 5-6 in a row or 8 out of 10 you thug fans will go back into hiding. Tell rick to show his new tat to this years assitant coach at the salad bar.

        • They were ranked as a top 3 class last year. you never know what will happen with all freshman. The worst thing about the one and dones is that great players like Whitjer have to transfer out.

        • I can’t wait till we beat the brakes off Louisville this year. You all have a team full of scrubs this time around.

      • correction your wrong/ You are the only moron that thought that last years class was the best ever.

  5. 'Nicole E. Turner

    Having to agree with a Louisville player is like having my nails pulled off with pliers. It’s painful! He is right tho. Remember what we dealt with last year. All the hype led us to no where! We were fortunate to have Polson on our team to give them some sort of leadership. I do hope that we will be different this year, however, we can say we are going to dominate, but the players have to follow through. Putting to much pressure on them to be this amazing team will only make them more stressed. Let their talent speak for them, not our fans who can have horribly big mouths. I do look forward to a fantastic season. But right now I am excited about some football, It’s closer!

    • Good point Nicole…years like ’12-’13 will happen when you have a new group every single year! Who knows if they will gel or not? Teams do lose good players to injuries…look at Louisville last year….Hancock, Blackshear with shoulder injuries and surgeries, Gorgi with a broken wrist, Marra out with a 2nd knee injury, Kevin Ware for Godsakes…..UK fans need to quit crying about Louisville and worry about whether each brand new team they have every year will gel. Your post was quite refreshing, not like these others with “horribly big mouths!”

  6. Travis Wethington

    Yea even thou they’ve not played college ball that doesn’t matter dude rember season b 4 last hadn’t either and look at what happened..

  7. Please say more Montrezl.

  8. When its all said and done in april I think the freshman are going to be on top showing the world why UK is the place to play college basketball. It will be a bit of a challenge for these freshman but I think we will get #9 ucla will be second to us at UK very soon!!! BIG BLUE #9…..

  9. Anthony Davis, MKG, Marquis Teague, and Kyle Wiltjer were Freshman too and look what happened!

  10. doesn’t sound like he was taking shots at uk. Sounds like he was just speakin the truth

  11. The national champs beat a bad UK team by 3 in the chicken bucket. If this group plays as a team they will be better than the 2012 UK champions. I know people will be concerned about leadership with Wiltjer leaving, don’t forget that Polson and Hood were on the championship team and they know what it takes to be a national champion, and being home grown they know more than any what it’s all about in the BBN. All the hype is on the 5 McDonald’s players but Willis and Hawkins (homegrown also) will be huge to this team also, they will contribute in games and will make practice even better, these two kids are a lot better than people think. Polson and Hood will be the first two UK players to leave with two rings since the 90’s, I wonder if Willis and Hawkins will leave UK in four years with 2 or maybe 3 rings.

    • Lol Polson and Hood suck?? That’s who you’re relying on for leadership? HAHAHAHA. How about your coach? Oh wait, he can’t even get his team to play together. When the going gets tough, his team becomes “uncoachable”.. How convenient.

      • Typical loserville fan, win a championship in a down year for college basketball after 27 yrs and you have the best program ever. And that championship is tainted after the way the big east refs screwed W.S., 2 big east calling a loserville game in the final 4, SHOCK. Coach Prick has had 7 of 12 seasons at loserville with 10+ loses, yes he’s so good. And, if the law catches up with all the dope smoking the players from loserville is doing at the night clubs they may not have a full team next year. Show how stupid you are when you think players that’s been in a system for 4-5 years can’t help with leadership. Typical moron idiot loserville fans, love how card fans keep saying the Cats sucked so bad last year and you win by 3 in the chicken bucket, 1st time in 5 games prick could beat Cal. Keep your loser coach in your loser city, WOW, I might have pissed off half the city of loserville with that comment but that is all the fans you have. Tell your coach to take another friends wife to the salad bar, what class that bum has.

        • So if I extrapolate your conjecture that this was a down year, then UK lost in the 1st round of the NIT, which means that you must really have stunk if “the greatest recruiting class ever” couldn’t make it to the NCAA Tournament, much less win a game in the NIT. Hmmmmm. . . Interesting.

          • “The greatest recruiting class ever” has yet to play a single game. Don’t you think it is a little early to say they won’t make the tournament?

          • Just can’t believe your this stupid, they weren’t the best class in college last year so how could they be the best class ever moron. The best class ever will spank little red headed sister by 20+ in December. I guess now I know why the thugs wearing red can’t talk, their fans can’t read. By the way Kevin, todays question – what is 2+2?

        • you have nlo fing clue guy. Atleast we dont buy our players. Time will show you that Cal is doing what he always does with every program hes been involved in. I see a probation maybe death penalty for UofK Athletics

          • Are you really that stupid, for one thing Cal has never been found guilty of any wrong doing at either school. And the same old crap about UK buying players, then we don’t pay them enough cause they don’t stay long, Maybe Loserville, PUKE, UNC and Kansas pays them more because they stay there longer or maybe it takes those coaches longer to teach the players how to play big boy ball. So, which is it, do you pay them better or do you need a better coach. I travel all over the country and see fans wearing UK shirts, have to go to loserville to see a few card fans. TRADITION TRADITION TRADITION. UK has it, Duke wants it Loserville never gonna have it.

          • Yes UofK has tradtion and the only reason Cal never was found guilty is because he left the programs. I will say this Louisville isnt looserville. ya need to watch your mouth for real. or someone may shut it for ya. Its people like you that really really make the whole damn state look horrible. And also yes UofK has a great following. But so does Louisville. One day you may see the light. I have traveled around the world and I have seen just as much Louisville as I have Uof K.

      • Hey bro we were in a 12 game winning streak when nerlens went down and honeatly uo barely pulled that game out over that team. Kentucky will dominate louisville this year just watch

        • The sec in basketball is a joke. You have one school that is worth a damn and thats Flordia

          • Think what you want, Conference USA and Metro for years, strong man. I like how loserville fans think of anything to make up for only beating a bad UK team by 3 in the chicken bucket. Maybe in a few decades loserville will have enough traditon to have your own web-site to talk basketball, this is what big brothers has little sis.

          • We do have a web site you schumk. And you all gay faggot ass whores bash us on our website so I just returning the favor chump.

          • Trust me your mom and sister can vouch that I’m not gay – BOY. So, unlike you I have a job and life so I’m not going to waste anymore time replying to anything an idiot loserville thug has to say. Keep your mom, sister and wife away from tricky rick if there’s a salad bar around. LMAO

      • Loserville trolling here because it’s going to be another 30 yrs for them to have something to celebrate if then. What makes you think a player has to be the star or even get a lot of playing time to be a leader, shows what an idiot you are punk boy.

    • Dale, you are the biggest redneck I think I’ve ever seen on these message boards….and at age 9, that’s not really much of a compliment. Put chur overalls on and go cheer for dem Big Blew boys ta make ya proud to be almost gradgeated from 2nd grade down in them there moutains next to West Virginny….

      • Bobby Slaughter

        Kevin_Kerr1….You are just like all the other Bird Crap in Looserville. Must have got your Idiot-cation from Table Rick during the 3 seconds on the table.. Stupid A$$

      • Not a redneck just don’t live in that ghetto loserville. Keep running your mouth and let’s see if your on here when UK whips those cheating birds in December.

    • Polson may provide a small bit of leadership, but with Hood, why would any of these (future NBA stars?) listen to a guy who has spend his entire career on the bench? Don’t know about you but I’ve seen Willis play. If he doesn’t step his game up in a major way, he’ll never see the floor either.
      You live and die with the one and done’s. Two years ago you lived, last year you died.

      • Hood was a 5-starr out of high school who has fought injuries his whole time. The reason they’ll listen is unlike the ghetto rats at loserville they understand what a team is and the game of basketball. Gonna be funny when the NCAA doesn’t allow Prick’s ghetto rats thug everyone in the GYM this year.

    • If you look at any rivalry game it doesnt matter what the teams are ranked because they always step up to a different level for those games. If you look at history of them you would see that the point spreads for all those games are no where close.

  12. If the NCAA sticks to plans and forces the officials to call all the fouls UL may be lucky to go 500, in the WS final 4 game they called 1 foul on the cards in the last 8:43, they mugged those players and the 2 big east officials calling the game let them by with it. The cards will lead the NCAA in thugs and tats again this year (including their coach, watch your wife around this white trash) and will wait another 25-30 years to claim they’re the best program in college. LMAO

    • Gosh…it sounds like Louisville committed “basketball rape” which is exactly what happens to every opposing team in RAPE ARENA. The “white trash” you adored in the 90’s won 2 NCAA titles for you, idiot! Tubby won with those “white trash” players….UGAY fans are sickening. BTW UGAY went one and out in the NIT (Not Interesting Tournament), while Louisville was just declared, by CBS Sports, as the best program of the past year….just kills ya, doesn’t it?

      PS The Kayuts have just been awesome the past few years in football, womens basketball, and baseball….oh wait, I forgot that was Louisville, not UGAY!

      • Loserville couldn’t make enough tradition in 100 years to make a CATS fan envy them, what a joke. When UK won titles in 78, 96,98 and 2012 they were the best team in America and they beat everybody down, they didn’t need home conference officials to give it to them. In 12 yrs tricky rick has been to 2 nits (didn’t win either) and 7 of 12 seasons he had 10+ losses. UL is so far behind UK, Duke, UNC, Kansas, Ohio ST and even Indiana in tradition, they don’t even have the whole city of loserville for fans, there’s more CATS fans in your back yard. And your (I’ll screw around with my friends wife) coach had a 2-4 record against Tubby, he’s 1-4 against Cal, oh wait he was 2-0 against Billy G. And unlike Cats fans loserville has band wagon fans, when they were losing football games under Kraigthrope they had 12,000 in the stands and the years that prick had 10+ losses or went to the nit they fill have of freedom hall. You don’t build tradition winning evry 25-30 yrs idiot, oh yeah, ask your mom, wife and sister if I’m gay.

        • You know I really don’t dislike UK, the school and the teams. I’m a U of L grad so I pull for them above all other teams. What really makes it hard to like UK is fans like you. I’m a basketball fan, you’re a UK fan, there’ a BIG difference. Sure I want U of L to win it every year but when they don’t I spew vitriol like you do. I hope UK, WKU, Murray, Morehead, EKU are all successful, just not against U of L.

          • Bobby Slaughter

            Kevin….I’m from Western Ky and i worked in E-town in the 60’s and L’ville/Jefferson Co. thought they were better than the rest of the state. That is the reason I don’t like that area Never have-never will..

        • John P DePalma

          They all said you were gay when I asked…

      • 8 national Titles. Most wins all-time. Us UK fans dontt troll UofL message boards because we’re the best program in the history of the game. You all just won a title, you deserved it, you had a great year, and you’re still on a University of Kentucky message board….That’s why we will always be superior. We have an entire Big Blue Nation, Louisville has…..not even it’s entire city??

        • We aren’t trolling UK message board when the post is about a UofL player. Nice try though. Only reason I’m here is bleacher report sent me to this post. And in def not subscribed to UK

          • That’s all fine and well. But you know you’re coming to a UK blog when it’s titles “nationofblue” and you’re coming in with typical unecessary barbs and jabs. Stick to the point. Since you’re not, you’re trolling. Trying to stir up UK fans, who honestly think you all had a good team last year. We still hate you all, but the focus is on Montrezl’s comments. Our freshman are dynamite. Just like Wall and Cousins, Just like Davis and Kidd-Gilchrist. Go watch their stuff, and if you have any sense about you, you would change your mind.

    • White trash? what does that make Calipari, a pimp? All you bogus, arrogant self-centered Big Blue fans and your self-rightousness offends me. A basketball pimp is all Calipari is and a very weird one at that! Kentucky is NOT the be all and end all of college basketball and giants do FALL, Robert Morris saw to that.

  13. Montrezl’s comments aren’t outrageous or outlandish, but he is very misinformed if he feels that A) December 28th is “just another game” and B) UK’s freshman unit are just “pretty good.” As was with the Anthony Davis-led freshman class in 2011-2012, this year’s Wildcat freshman have the mindset, heart, maturity, and cohesion that extends far beyond their freshman classification. Let me speak for all of us UK fans when I say that I can’t wait for December 28th….it will surely be a December that Montrezl and his joker “cards” will try to not remember.

    • And since they have not started actual practice, have not played any intra squad scrimmages, have played any pre season games nor any regular season games, how exactly do you know they have the mindset, heart, maturity and cohesion to become a great basketball team. If you do in fact know that would you please send me the correct Powerball numbers for this Saturday’s drawing. Thanks.

      • Since you are not a UK fan, you understandably do not track all the mixtapes, tournament showings, scrimmage reportings (which in lexington are like NBA summer league games since we get former players like John Wall, Eric Bledose, Rajon Rondo, and Demarcus Cousins, etc. to play our guys). These nba playmakers have all gone on record and raved about the freshman, in the same way that LeBron James raves about the 2011-2012 when he scrimmaged them at Joe Craft. From an outside perspective, your argument is fair, but to us bluebloods who see firsthand how closely knit the guys are around town, and have seen numerous tweets from the NBA Cats like Cousins, Patrick patterson, and meeks, praising the freshman, you too would buy into the hype. DId anthony davis disappoint? John Wall? Kidd-Gilchrist? No, the hype was real. last year, the guys were not made out to be phenoms. The 2011-12 class highlightest by A. davis, Wall’s class, and this year’s UK recruiing haul are in their own echelon.

      • I’ve seen 6 pick-up games and I will tell you now, the loserville ghetto rats will go down in Rupp by 20+. So, Kevin Strader go on believing that Rick has you on top of the world. You won in a down year for college basketball, the 2 big east refs that only called 1 foul on the thugs in the last 8:43 against WSU and your lucky win by 3 over a terrible UK team in the chicken bucket is history idiot. You loserville fans will be sitting around getting drunk in 30 yrs saying remember way back when we got a tainted title, most will say I wasn’t born yet. LMAO.

    • It is another game cause that game on Dec 28th is not going to make or break Louisville.

      • That’s a fair assessment. I still don’t buy it on gameday though— after a UofL championship, comments like Montrezl’s (more will follow I’m sure), and Rick Pitino in the building in general after getting the CARDS tattoo—RUPP will be frenzied. Add to the fact that the game has the possibility of matching up the #1 and #2 team’s in the nation….High stakes man, high stakes.

    • Wait did he seriously mention cohesion on the court? Are you a moron or just some special new kind of stupid?

      • What kind of idiot will say guys who haven’t ALL played together have cohesion on the court? A display of college basketball cohesion was Louisvilles team last year. Something Kentucky fans will never have with their current system. A team of players you’ve grown to love over the years, finally winning it all in amazingly dramatic fashion. Now that’s what COLLEGE basketball is all about.

        • you’re quick to forget the 2011-12 champs. They were brothers. You obviously dont live in Lexington or are around the players. I just graduated from UK this past December. The 2011-12 title team were ALWAYS together, ALWAYS joking and enjoying each other. Last year’s team, you couldnt say the same…leave it at that. This year’s incoming team are all over town TOGETHER AS A FAMILY. How would you operationalize the definition of cohesion then, Dustin? The only thing “special” is our team this year. Our title team was special, and they won because they played as a unit. Our team last year went to the NIT because we played fractured, isolated basketball. Simple as that. Look at your friend group. Does it have to take four years to bond? NO

          • Since when does strolling around Lexington holding hands translate to on the court cohesion? You can’t have true cohesion without playing against stiff competition.

          • What do you call scrimmaging against Patrick Patterson, Demarcus Cousins, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, and co.? Is that enough competition to you? And having those NBA rising stars comment that the freshmen are incredible. As a guy, you should know that you’re not gonna tweet out a compliment about another guy unless it’s well-deserved…Not just for kicks. Joke all you want about them hanging out together, but I, and many other former students will tell you, it makes the difference in a championship contender, and a talented tournament flame out.

          • Whatever you wanna believe buddy. Ill judge them once I see them on the court in games that count. I haven’t forgotten what fans just like you we’re saying this time last year. Same old garb, until you we’re proven wrong when the games came. I’m not saying they won’t be special. They probably will be. But stop talking about national titles when they’re 30+ games away from such talk.

          • I think you may be the most delusional UK fan I’ve ever conversed with, props bubs.

          • Why you still here bruh? Rubbin’ elbows with the greatest in the nation. See you in december. You’ll hope not to remember.

        • I’m gonna thumbs down every comment that includes a personal attack. So we’re clear. I’m debating, not insulting

        • dramatic fashion is 2 big east refs calling the final 4 game and screwing Wichita St out of a win. 1 foul on loserville in last 8:43 of game while mugging every player on the court. TAINTED championships mean nothing.

        • The cohesion you had against WSU in the final 4 was two big east officials calling 1 foul on your ghetto rats in the last 8:43 of the game, if they’d had been on the street there would’ve be 17 arrest against the ghetto dogs. Dramatic fashion, I guess this is a new name for cheating. When UK wins titles over and over we beat teams on the floor, we don’t buy the win behind closed doors. If you can’t admit that Loserville’s thugs got away with 12 fouls at in the last 8:43 against WSU your either a liar, fool or an idiot. My guess is all three.

        • UK fans love their players irrevocably most times before they have ever committed….. Which is why they can’t wait to commit to the GREATEST PROGRAM ON EARTH…. It doesn’t take us ‘years to grow to love a team of players’ …. And I don’t cheer for the ‘Cards but I’m happy enough for y’all cause even a blind bird can catch a worm now and then.. having said that, the cards winning was good for the state and the rivalry because it makes y’all feel like you have a chance again….Talk all the trash you want about one and dones… I know if in some freak of fashion a one and done would commit to the cards He’d be lauded by every card fan on these boards as the GREATEST evarrrr…. lol Peace until DEC 28th!!

      • Dustin I’m a writer for kentuckyheartbeat.com. Our radio show is on at 11am-12pm on Saturday mornings on 1450AM in Louisville. You should tune in.

        • So you consider me saying you’re delusional as an insulting personal attack? Calling you a moron is insulting? Wow you’re sensitive. Go find definitions for those words. I’m not saying you’re stupid. I’m saying you’re biased, which ruins your opinion because you’re so one track minded. You can’t see past your own arrogance if a basketball team to realize your basically betting on unproven odds. Go play a slot machine. Seriously, same thing. And why in the world would I listen to a UK radio show on a Saturday?! What are you gonna give me a shout out or something? Please do, I won’t hear it!

          • Lol I’m done. This is silly. I was brought here because bleacher report tagged Louisville basketball to this post. They will be receiving my complaint for recommending me to this board first thing in the morning. Goodnight all ya cats fans. Don’t stay up too late you tubing 17 year old kids slamming balls in metal cylinders

          • We’re cancelling the show if you dont call. You CARDS are so quick to throw in your CARDS when you have a ten loss season, or get head-gamed on a message board. Bandwagon wheels all day everyday

          • Well ya better cancel the show bub. I’m not gonna waste my time with all that. Don’t flatter yourself, there’s no victory in a substanceless debate. And if you get your kicks on these boards, then I feel insanely sorry for you. Thanks for the comedy though, really appreciate it.

          • Get outta here jackass your opinion is irrelevant.

          • This entire site is IRRELEVANT if you wanna get technical, Tanner. Guess what?! A UofL fans opinion is highly relevant on a post about a UOFL player. Jackass!

  14. I was born in messed up loserville.I’m a big uk fan play football there.that loserville win there second national title and think they or king of the bluegrass like mr. Dale Martin said they couldn’t won with the ref.that block in the title game was clean.all they think about in loserville is the real champs.8 national titles Kentucky wildcats.

  15. Stacy Humble Sr.

    Sounds to like he is just trying to hide the FACT that them UK freshmen are going to kick the yardbirds you know what!!!!

  16. You ever hear this guy talk? Puts the “I” in illiterate, typical Louisville student.

  17. What it all boils down to is the intangibles that these incoming freshman have. Do they have or will they have mental toughness? Will they fight, scratch, and claw or will they pack it in? Are they tough or soft? The talent is there, but unless you have those intangibles that we don’t know the answer to at this point, it is anyone’s guess how this coming season will pan out. I will make one prediction that I’m sure will be right on target. The 2013-2014 Wildcat squad will be better than 2012-2013.

  18. I’m a Big Blue fan and I have been all my life. Nevertheless, I agree with Montrezl. The UK freshmen are an unproven bunch at the collegiate level.

  19. Davethegreat279

    Typical Uk fans criticizing Pitino who is a better coach than Calipari who Uk fans think is a saint, as a fan of neither team Uk is already trying to proclaim themselves champions and going 40-0 without playing a game even though they have a tough schedule

  20. UL are the reigning champs, but that was last year. Harrell is correct in what he says, but it applies to him as well. When he has to play center full time and not just look good for very short stretches, it’s a different game. We’ll let the numbers speak about mid season. I think he’ll find not being able to piggy back on G. Deng will make his lot in life much tougher. Maybe he will rise to the challenge, maybe not, but he hasn’t done anything so far except talk too much.

  21. Davethegreat279

    Uk had a guy named Anthony Davis when they won that year for people to say that they are all freshman again is blasphemous considering AD is a once in a lifetime collegiate player

  22. Davethegreat279

    Uk fans try to criticize U of L players for how smart they are when UK isn’t any better in 2010 they posted a total 2.0 GPA with two players that had a 1.7 and 1.8 the only reason they were eligible was because they were first year players, Demarcus Cousins was a thug

  23. puttin on a UK Jersey does not make them a winner -they proved that last year -standing around -not rebounding -getting burned in transistion -missing Free Throws -sloppy ball handling
    they go from Boys to men in a few months -or the season is over
    Hopefully they listen to Coach Cal and the staff and become aggressive -not gun shy
    good luck Cats

  24. Bobby Slaughter

    KY’s record against Looserville speaks for it’s self. Cal’s record against Pitino speaks for it’s self. The “Feel Sorry” for Ware after he broke his leg helped UL with winning the title last year. Having lived in Conyers, Ga for 23 yrs I know Ware, enough said. We will see how much feel sorry UL gets this year. I’m was born in KY and I’m ashamed that Pitino is associated with my state. After his “Table Affair” and the way UL glorified what he did it makes me sick that both are in KENTUCKY

  25. Woo hoo, yeah we know they are the reigning champions but so was big blue the year before, besides why is everyone on this Robert Morris? Didn’t it take Louisville almost 30 years to get this championship? I’m sure they lost to some pretty bad teams during that time. But hey, I’m sure if KY got that ass beat in first final four meeting EVER and then the birds went on to win a championship we’d be pretty sour too. I can’t wait for them to move to the ACC then maybe we can tear that ass up in a championship game..good luck this season birds.

  26. Since 1939 there has been 75 teams crowned national champions, but only 35 schools has won a title out of 300+ D1 schools. 14 schools has won more than 1 title, and yes UK and UL are in that group. With that being said when you look at tradition if UK never won another title and loserville wins one every 27 years it will take them 135 yrs to catch up, problem is UK isn’t done with 8, and the gap will widen this year with #9. If the one and done is still in place for the next 10 years or if they do change it where a kid has to stay 2-3 yrs Coach Cal will win at least 5 more titles before he retires and will be our coach when we pass UCLA. Oh, while this is gong on loserville won’t win another title at least until 2040.

  27. I post most of this stuff because of the trolls from loserville getting on here, you don’t see Cats fans on their fan boards (if they even have one, might be hard to do for no more that 200,000 fans). If they didn’t envy UK they wouldn’t troll here.

    • Good points Dale. We would never get on a UofL message board. It’s that simple. I’m a writer on an up and coming UK sportsblog; kentuckyheartbeat.com, and we have a radio show on 1450am in louisville on Saturday morning’s from 11am-12pm. If you’re outside of Lex you can listen live on 1450thesportsbuzz.com We had Derek Anderson on first episode. AKA the greatest two dunks (outside dirk minnifield) in Uk’s history. Check it out man

      • Great job, I will be visiting your site everyday. I like what I seen and I will be listening anytime I’m close enough to Louisville to bring 1450 in.


  29. How pathetic has this entire board become…

  30. he’s upset because no one knows who his sawed of ass is with his gorilla wing spand. him and his little red birds keep trying to make this A rivalry. Last I checked a rivalry was between two teams that traded wins and losses back and forth. Last 4 years Kentucky four wins little bitty Red Birds only one. and having a 7 foot wingspan does you no good if you’re only 5 foot tall. And bring on the rest of those midgets point guards they are so high on

  31. the projected starting lineup for Louisville next year is 6 foot 3 inches Kentucky projected starting lineup is 6 Ft 7 1/2 inches. Doesn’t mean much if the smaller team has more talent But show me one position on the floor we’re Louisville is maybe more talented. Other than russ Smith at 5 for 10. I like our chances just like Kansas and there sawed off talented players in the championship game. BIG BLUE NATION BRINGING HOME #9

  32. I really wish Dirtybird fans had a brain. U can’t have a rational discussion or debate with them. They have major delusions of granger . They are extremely jealous of our past present and future they will never be half the program we are. They have no creativity at all, every year it’s the same bs from them insulting our coach calling us cheats, how their gonna beat us down on the court etc. I’d love a true debate with them but I can’t seem to make myself stupid, to be on their intelligence level. I can’t dumb it down enough to. And that “horrible NIT” team from last year do they not remember they barely beat them 3pts is no beatdown not by Kentucky standards anyway. BBN fo life!!

  33. Look at the UK fans fight amongst themselves… You’d think there would be some mutual respect here but I guess not. Go Cards!!

  34. If anyone cared about the championships that sUcK won in the 40’s, 50’s then UK still wouldn’t have the most tradition, or championships. Since i’ve been born in 1980 they are tied. Louisville has 3, UK has 3. Prior to that i could care less. If anyone cared about what a program did 50-60 years ago the according to that guideline UCLA would be the best program in history since they have 11 national titles and won 7 in a row. So the argument that somehow UK is better that Louisville because of what they did before Thomas Edison Invented the light bulb, (this is sarcasm UK fans), then UK fans would have to say UCLA was the best. But they won’t do that just like they can’t give our program any credit for what we have done. We have 3 national titles now making us tied for 5th all time with UCONN and Kansas, and i guess according to UK fans those schools don’t have any tradition either. Its a joke. I have no problem with rational UK fans its the ignorant belligerent ones that i can’t stand. To come on this site and to make the statement that the University of Louisville somehow has no tradition in basketball when we are in the top 5 or 8 in nearly every category, championships, rings, final fours, sweet 16, conf. titles, etc. is by far the most asinine statement a UK fan can make. I don’t have a problem with them saying the UK has more titles or wins, buts it’s the ill-conceived notion that somehow Louisville is some fly by night, upstart, irrelevant program. For all the UK fans on here that have some since i respect your opinions and love for your team, please respect mine, and lets both be proud that our state of KY has two of the most traditioned, and deserving programs in History. For the rest of you UK fans who have no sense and spit putrid and erroneous statements about the University of Louisville, well for the rest of you i say good luck, and may the trailer park God’s be with you.

    Go Cards, CBS Sports number 1 University in sport for the year 2012, and not just in basketball. Look out baby, because the new member to the ACC the best academic and athletic conference all around, is on the rise.

  35. Oh and by the way if you go by the since we’ve been playing each other regularly rule which 1980 UK and U of L have 3 championships each, but most important in that is that our coach, won 2 of the 3 championships that UK won in the 90’s. So if you don’t count what Rick Pitino built and did in 96-98 then they actually would have 1 to our 3. But they do count, and i respect that, so Go Cards. One more note, UK didn’t win the national championship in 2012 with freshman, There were a couple freshman who played a part, but without their all important Senior Leadership in Darius Miller, sophomores Lamb and Jones, they would not have won. So please don’t misstate the truth and say that UK won with an all freshman squad, because that;s simply not true, they had experience and players who had played the previous 2 seasons in crucial situations like the NCAA tourney the two years before they won. So don’t conveniently look over that.

  36. Go Cards, I rest my Case

  37. ChristIsKing212

    I’ll take the cards by 3 at the buzzer in Rupp this December. Russ drives and one with one sec on the clock.

  38. We will just prove it on the court. We will see who can coach better our new or our old? How does it feel having our hand me down coach anyway. I guess pretty good in that he gave you a championship.